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proved very successful. Whether prostatectomy is or is not a justifiable

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sidered. For the irregular pains particularly in the back and neck the

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of things in the right lung and pleura was due to the

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ture bradycardia slowing of the respiration lowered blood pressure and in

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wonderful. The swelling in tbe armpit ceased to grow and the

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of the fact that no air of any coach or conveyance oi

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bonds which have hitherto saved from rupture the thinned walls of a

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for my own part to speak freely omitting those ridiculous

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Arising out of the consideration of tlie question of

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mentioned by Dr. Bankston and your humble servant the edi

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LORENZ of Vienna confirmed Hoffa as to the age up to

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thigh was not much increased in size but below the knee there

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the opium traffic S27 fuming inhalations in asthma

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chronic neuralgic pains morphine is to be avoided as long as possible. This

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cases of multiple neuritis it presents a rapid and progressive motor piraly

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The station of each examiner is designated by a large painted number

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Mcldam Eccles who had attended to explain the draft sng

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to. We therefore reduced the nitrogen intake to an average of

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the broken or unbroken skin. From the bowel but a small

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sequently they fell an easy prey to any or all who had

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the epithelium which falls off or is rubbed off by respiratory

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tions of the members of tbe commission tbe last cbapter

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mental at titud e of the discoverer is and must be quite different

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details which may point more or less definitely to which one

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versity of Chicago 1893 94 Professor of Sociology Oberlin College 1894 95

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it. The ovary and the tube both removed. The temperature went up

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Society called the attention of the Society to the desirability of taking

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were held every five or six weeks as horse and pig fairs

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which might be more usefully expended in other directions

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great fire at Hamburgh in 1842. He notices particularly the fact that

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of incised wound of the larynx in which n hospital patient was

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infected ship may unquestionably be the vehicle of introducing dis

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Symptoms. Local inflammation faintness shivering and tem

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but little time in discussing the route by which they

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This is a peculiar form of inflammation attacking the fibrous strueturos

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to injuries I have already referred is according to Donncr on

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annual death rate of 21.8. During the past four weeks of the current

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correction or prevention of deformity and is chiefly ortho

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During the period of increased blood concentration the chlorides of the blood

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ceous leaves. Flowers in axillary or terminal racemes or panicles very

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peptone sweetened with cane sugar or on meals of cane sugar only.


stomach and intestines is apt to cause dyspepsia and flatulent distension.

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While these lancinating pains predominate the other symptoms are slow

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tional conditions that produce canliac palpitation prolonged mental ex

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tant selves the stem determination to exact the uttermost

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Tvo darg after tbe last e tew vone eoanplained of general

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suggests some kind of esoteric or mesmeric magic like that of the Hindu

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The Surgical Relation of Stomach Trouble to the Diagnosis of

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The society editor of the Washington Post soliloquizes thus

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practice under certain social conditions and when fairlv a lt lministefed but worse

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