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accepted its first woman Dr. Catharine Dacfarlanc. Cwo years later there

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the result of infective conditions in bairacks or elsewhere is an impossibility. j

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registered as stillbirths only. In the United States

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One may. perhaps recall the happy comment made I think

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such action varying directly with the strength of the

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toneum and somewhat in the same proportions while T. marginata

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Court at Sierra Leone as well as the fact that black

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with the a lvancing tide of scientific research which inaugurates new

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slight intermission they are sometimes seen to continue for sev

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as soon as the disease is sufficiently plain. Care should be taken

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haps come when physicists will no longer concern themselves with

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of curves and surfaces a contribution whose importance will continue

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of equilibrium so that as the position of equilibrium is ever eluding

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Human and Animal Psychology Lectures on. By Wilhelm Wundt.

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should get a curative serum and eventually a preventive vaccine.

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Three views have been put forward as to the function

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The measurements for thickness have been made under the

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evolution lines while claiming still that violence had not been done

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