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also assured me of his sexual capacity which had not been

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lighting the whole room a large one and giving per

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and was deservedly a highly respected man of much influ

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Singapore collected at Perak. The species was described from material collected

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medical supplies and personnel in the line of communications. However

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author does not believe in treating the symptoms of

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Brandt L. A discussion of the standardization with iron oxide as

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sufficiently recovered his strength to enable him to

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titious membrane so closely resembling peritoneum that

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strong nitric acid is the best remedy. An anaesthetic is given and the

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Examination of muscle section. As trichinosis was at first sus

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of renal diseases there are no such changes in the heart and

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The Operative Treatment of Exophth lt hnic Goitre. 301

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I. Endocardium smooth muscle and elastic tissue includes endothelial

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As regards the remarkable prominence of the eyes this symptom comes on

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addition to their diplomatic representative Canada is represented

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Hence it is curious to obferve that thofe animals who have more

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to imperfect assimilation of food too little outdoor exercise and inattention

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cases showed Streptococcus viridans in predominating numbers.

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that in such cases the bleeding continued into the boAvels in much greater

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businesslike. The advice to the House of Delegates that

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office to become familiar with and to administer the affairs of

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become familiarized with his new driver. Green did not start him

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poss6dei Our la chaleur une conductibilite proportionnelle et par consequent bien

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This is a common disability of stuml ling horses and of saddle horstx

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the wound having completely healed. Obtaining his liberty he came to

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That equally efficient application of i estorative methods

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trying than those pertaining to the dissemination of pathogenic

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complications which arise hence remittent fever has been described under

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definite proof of the reception of sewage by the intake

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Cancer of the Breast. In addition to observations made above the

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be considered of importance unless there has been in

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liave been rejidrted in which this method of treat

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be seen text fig.. The mitochondria were generally in the

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dates medical history. The conclusions from the vast fund of ex

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he states that the amount of skin removed is not so

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applications alone to relieve inflammation of the cellules even though the

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great to pick back up where we left off the previous

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expiratory sound is of lower pitch than the inspiratory whereas the

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care of it. It is more easily absorbed when in solution

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of the 80 members of tlie London Insurance Committee

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solution of sugar. In such instances the lens tissue is said to become

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they are granular rather than fibrous in texture. They

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throwing back of the head closing of the external nares and

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in aoitable catea a true llaine food in every l ane

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diminished. On the 20th September recovery was almost complete.

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tions of the bodies previously considered. Like ricin and

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in similar doses. The patient should be carefully watched for the

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Thomas H. M. A case of neurofibromatosis von Recklinghau

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mating exactly pupillary changes and partly carelessness and want of a

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Const fitf ta. 1 the active principle is kosin or kousain

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continued infection in the appendix or tnan appendicitis the appendix is found

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BOTAHICAL CHABACTESS. Roots loog. Cylindrical Btems twining woody slen

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out Virchow s opinion and in my work on inherited and congenital

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