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will give in early neurosyphilis when general treatment has failed.

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in the tray with water. The mortality of his operations sliowed the high

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During the calendar year 1920 nine cases of abortion occurred in

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sufl amp ce for differentiation. In some cases however only the

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and two from ascending renal infection one dying on the 9th

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Since plants yielding intoxicating agents are supposed

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Glandular fever is an acute infectious disease occurring in localised

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generation of all the physicians of Pope s time. He

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themselves to us as though by inspiration. On the other hand

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prominent feature. Mind altogether feeble ideas confused vague wan

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antihydrophobic treatment was given were enjoying good health.

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thought was a very aTge mamilrv h. what the owner and others

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larger than a pin s head others as large as a bean.

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Case IV. Migration of a large gallstone through gall bladder abscess for

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short lived muscular rheumatisn up to the full fledged gouty

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and becomes smaller than the risht which dilates normallv

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of physicians after him who was naturally of a feeble constitution lived past

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influence which is generated in these centres and practically there

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by one person who complains of giddiness tinnitus aurium and frequently

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of the nervous system a constantly rising pulse with a temperature not

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downward and outward from the head to the shoulders. The ab

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with wide toes and a straight inner border and by keeping

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very important fact which so far as I know has never

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gested that the sum be paid subject to the approval of the

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the vernacular of the time. It gives a sketch of interest

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Brouwer remarks that although physiologists have been accustomed to

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My experience in the last five years warrants me in

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its inception and experimental morphology as yet is fuller of pro

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municable disease of solipeds which manifests itself as a

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pofitory glifter or potion fomeloofeneileofbody with

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sulting from mollities ossium who survived the operation three weeks and

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certainly give the new remedy a trial. The opportunity

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handicapped he may send a patient to be x rayed and

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form those fundamental scientific principles on which

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larly though about once daily attacks of nausea and

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Council can in decency refuse this act of simple justice much

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II. Specific Inoculation. Of late years some degree of prominence

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gated many seeded margined on the seed bearing edge. Steds small

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place. They should never be used in the slight cases which may be

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by great sulkiness which may increase to perfect indifference.

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to John Dennehy. His fellow group members will remember his ability to

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what was at first supposed to be a malignant influ

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rode fifty miles more as a test of condition and did

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weight of the diseased organ. The vagina more readily becomes a track

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the present system of surgery is the practice of sur

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completed in its whole circumference by the retain

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seem to affect them at all. Further experiments showed that though

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depend upon the site of fracture and the quickness with which infection

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Again none of these combinations can equal in etticacy the

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influence of pressure steadily exerted upon the softened bones of

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rays capable of penetrating any part of the body. New

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have to admit that the advanca along certain diagnostic

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cephalus and cerebral oedema by which sleeping states convulsions

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were then admitted gradually and only after they had

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the greatest boons to humanity that surgery ever conferred do not fight

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obliged to read long papers. I try to get this note printed

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salts like other soluble drugs pass immediately in the portal circulation to

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that the snail is able to a marked degree to counteract this

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equally minute quantity of sulphurous acid a combination most likely to

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overlaj onto the cervical field demonstrable immediately after

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quickly. The anchoring of the grafts and the dressings

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riglit frontal sinus could easily be explored. Portions of dura

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amongst the boys. In October 1911 drinking fountains were installed

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utilizing various products without charge to the owners.

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tensions and similar purely mechanical effects. Almost all plant

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tion which increased so rapidly that in two days he

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grafts may simultaneously be inserted into the peritoneal cavity into the

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opaque muco purulent.secretions or particles of food or even

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Essex. In 1882 he was appointed lecturer on hygiene in Guy s Hospital

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made for grants to Insurance Committees iu addition to those

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portion to the amount of blood injected as if the healthy serum had

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lying structures the upper end of which is left attached to the

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die ersten Krankheitssymptome wahrend oder in wenigen Fal

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lines of Selim and Castrel blood should get a mere half miler like

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region of the mind in serenity. Whosoever feels not the

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Direct evidence for this attitude is found in the work of

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logical examinations. All of his cases were thus diag

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