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valuable as auxiliary methods of treatment and also

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toms depend upon the mal location not upon the anteposition. The im

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doubt that such infection does occur but relatively

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rather unsatisfactorily with the question of the medical

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rapidly develo x d and extensive peritonitis. Pain in the right shonlderis

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which at first itches and later smarts but is not painful.

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which results in the general epileptic spasms with participa

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diately preceding. The lowest mortality was recorded in Paisley viz.

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Roy fand nun dass die Volumenzunahme der Aorta gesunder

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patient in various postures in order to insure a thorough

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in July or August will check wood growth and encourage fruiting the next

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clinical history as previous attacks of pain in this

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of articulated limbs and is provided with a system of excretory organs

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was in its natural position pressure was exerted upon

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specimen which is preserved in the museum and which the

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Chemistry Botany Geology Natural Philosophy Zoology Astronom

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whifflctreee. The bloeka ahould be threaded aa shown

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of acinar outline. The atrophy is associated with aborted and atypical

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in the throat and windpipe. Any severe attack of convul

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drawn marked attention to the value of suprapubic enucleation

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Assistant Orthopedic Surgeon to the Jefferson Medical College Hospi

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the Bp.lTlfiH IVIEDICAI JouBNAT is Aitolo jn VfiStrand Hondon. Tlio

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forty years of continuous study of the anomalies of accommodation and refrac

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sonally I prefer the abdominal route in all cases in a con

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be denominated as dope fiends and reclamation of man and therefore we

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spontaneous development of the art of education of esthetic pro

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cases are of considerable size and may occasion difficulty in

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tion and the sense of hearing is too frequently involved in the question

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considerable size extending into the pulmonary struc

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tion of corrosive sublimate followed by one of boro

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entire body pulse slow weak and intermittent. From the right ear there

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pottery manufacturers has postponed the inquiry for 18 months.

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openings of the bladder. The top part was not allowed

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culous lesions of the apex seen by me can be classi

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times even if death be not immediately dependent upon tin

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ilis has a special selection for the plicae transversales

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ingenious have in many instances suffered modifications

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water to 3 fluid ounces. A teaspoonful may be given

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Marshal Sir John French pays the following tribute to the work accom

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served two or three decades ago. He notices a marked increase

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its industrious author Dr. Berridge has been enormous and the

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pericardium when they were few in number it was only in these two

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M a RTiNEAu recommended the following treatment with

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tonsils are very numerous. The finest lie as a net work in the

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that although Hypocritus whom you historically know as The Father

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sutures. A catheter was kept in in Madder for a week

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though the oldest among us are still young in heart and mind.

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of fatty degeneration of their cellular elements and the latter

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to themselves should be withheld or given in sparing amount. Their

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Bog spavin is frequent in working oxen and in oxen from three to

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made before the court will not be recorded nor will the testimony taken

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cystitis.5 A few months later Holt reported three cases which he

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deavouring on behalf of the Medical Research C rcil to

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space and subjects his organism to too rapid changes

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in use as a library the side bracket outlets would be covered

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lidal gangrene of lbc c parts that we hn c proviously deaotjbod.

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paying sub cribers to the American Journal ol the Medical Sciences.

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the waves along new sinuous paths. In fibrillation the same con

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ment of these parts. The cold of winter and heat of summer are

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reasonably firm. The liquid or jelly may be clear or slightly colored

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trict for having been absent from duty as dispensary medical

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inoculation with the saliva of a rabid animal. Period of incubation

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of the first or second stage of labor must be reckoned

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idly turned the leaves and began to idolently study

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xirine occasionally assumes a dirty or broivnish black color. Inunction

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occupations such as screw cutting yet they might find

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civil life. With his right arm and both legs amputated high up

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of chrooio enlargement of the spleen the old dotid e alooo appean

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naturally attributed to ureteropyelo nephritis and in con

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Attending Physician to the Children s Wards Women s and

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Calomel is imported not only crudely prepared but more or less

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Opportunities for literary training in the study of modern languages

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has already been mentioned in connection with arterial throm

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all we observe obey the simple laws of Mariotte and Gay Lussac.

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purchased in the original package in Philadelphia con

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that time there have been several other theories almost as inter

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upon the poll and holds the sheet in place by encircling the arms

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