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uncomplicated angina pectoris. I have also used the bromide of

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diplococcufi in aparently pure culture that does not seem to cor

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rare. The occurrence of bedsores is likewise of grave

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Certain drugs taken in single large doses or used habitually in

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ent however in very small percentage. The pericardial surfaces present

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was an oblique cut across the occiput between two and three inches in

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These hospitals are the germinal areas of medicine in

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baden have been called on for service. It has naturally

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bvi deep pressure or approximation of the bony constit

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I have repeatedl J known Areenic cause palsy. In one instance

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a change in the rate of the normal auricular beats.

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repeated treatment would be necessary it was at once

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them and the drops run together and form large globules. The

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Besides the small celled lymphosarcoma other varieties

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me an opportunity to prove that I am not a good extempora

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cate that arsenic may bo the principal etiologic factor althougli

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diseases of the fetus with embryology and teratology obstetrics

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of the leg delayed union at the end of three months

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tend beyond the limits of the subjects embodied in the

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This was applied in dry powder or in paste mixed with oil.

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retired three four years later was stricken by paralysis and of course died

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impression can be made only with difficulty upon the peripheral

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cipitate is produced this entirely clears up on heating so

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Resolutions of sympathy were passed by the Medical Society of

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From the latest official data now furnished by the Medical Register

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follow. These are the Alpha Chapter of the New York State

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be any dilatation or constriction in the intracranial vessels which is

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progressed to a greater or less extent the haemorrhage ceases

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asthma coming on without any appreciable occasional cause or a mate

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land the vaccination ago is six months and children under six months

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University of Durham. At the First Examination for the Degree

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the vegetable diet or cool regimen is often attended

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effects of alcohol says Dr. Carpenter will of course varj with the quantity

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perineal stage is astonishing. The beats run from 80 during to 180

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In Denver Colorado the profit from the hog feeding pays the cost of

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would nave a greater aptitude to beget boys than the sperma

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faulty circulation of the bones caused by imperfect develop

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mated at from half an ounce to two ounces. It is more

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