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gives as the reason for the above difference that the placenta

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Gamblin G. De la tarsalgie dans ses relations avec les troubles du

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and native Porto Ricans limited however for the present purpose to

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may not be amiss to recall to the profession that dur

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Almansoris Consilium pro peste vitanda Compositiones et remedia ad plerosque omnes

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has only been found in Egypt the Gastrodiscus in Egj pt Guadeloupe

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Dr. Church of Chicago was of the opinion that there

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or the first of August at which time it was confined

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left side or in the axillae more commonly when there is

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line for tbe profession to adopt. The latter circum

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authors before detailing thoir experiments made with

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neosalvarsan injection should be repeated until the

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Carcinoma. Casper reports a ca.se of hepatic cancer in the

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ination furnishes the data for accurate diagnosis. The

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Dangers and difficulties to be borne in mind in such a campaign of

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these disappear and a kind of muscular asthenia or loss of

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is ordinarily lived. Psychiatrists dealt with the insane and general prac

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tongue. The complete removal of the tongue is the bet

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as its most active ingredient. The mucus contained in the vesicles was

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single pathognomonic sign of cancer of the stomach.

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matory process becomes softened in the centre and suppurates the suppura

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short and accessible with difficulty. The wound is left partly open for

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the first ten months of the war. During this period expenses

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view temperature is probably the most important factor determining

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The book is divided into 35 chapters the titles of which afford

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follow long after the first intestinal invasion by the entamoeba. Fatal

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as that of Forel and others that bees wasps etc. can find their

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munity demands an early diagnosis. These symptoms in

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through an opening in the cornea no larger than would admit the

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