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improvement of the Eclectic Materia Medica consists but also in the intro
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We have manufactured these preparations during the past 15 years and they
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this method a plaster cast for a fracture of the femur con
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few innocent fibrous lesions being then described as benign the form
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is good. With truly loving and artistic hand with conscience with
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and extrusion of fluid it becomes more compact firmer drier and more
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febrile must be allowed to drink freely and to choose for
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the symptoms in the lesser degrees of drunkenness. In some sub
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the entire condition local and general and every indi
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not only thus discoloured but also inliltrated with
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animals it was found that iodine efficiently obliterated tlic
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when it is desired to introduce as much food as possible
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pharmacy linen stores offices for medical officers etc.
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ever he could and no discharge. It has been now two months
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iiiiny of the vesicles became definitely pustular in
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an interesting and valuable scheme of the preventive
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which are communicable from the sick to the healthy by mediate and
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kidneys lungs ovaries and bones particularly the tibia.
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Cheatham of Louisville fp t emphasizes the importance of
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tumour of several caused the trouble and often this could
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miasms. Acute atrophy of the liver has been induced by the changes
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that the general system of medical education which has hither
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The personnel of this division consisted of officers of the Medical Corps
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Skorpione. Im Hintergrunde fiebt man wie der Tod den Kranken
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years. The death rates from this disease last quarter ranged from
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times as in Ludwig s experiment where the cervical cord is gal
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professional activity and practically forced the evolution of a new
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The Medico legal Significance of the Biperforate Hymen. By Prof.
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for dinner with a single glass of Madeira or claret to bed at
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Medical Collc v as well as a licentiate of the Society of
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for treatment was approved and adopted. It w as resolved
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for his purpose. That is to say the heart is strong
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chloride diluted with 3 of water was injected into the uterus in
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Brar.ch not in the United Kingdom by Rule.approved as
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when the same treatment is repeated. This treatment gives
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salt one ounce of salt petre and four ounces of brown
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not the auinunt but the rapid absorption of concentrated
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counties but it has been transported much further into the provinces.
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after from five to thirty injections on an average after
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and that the course of treatment indicated as a result of
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and Cushny to illustrate the effects of abolishing vagal tone in
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semistuporous condition of the patient makes it difficult to obtain
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mere trace of albumen and no hydatids. The cyst refilled slowly
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The chief featnres of the condition are as follows
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termines the quality of the clay zvhile environment
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not associated with toothache. Cases have been described in connection
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A medicinal dose of atropine stimulates while morphine
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and the slight enlargement of the spleen and lymphatic glands which
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of great service and its effects seems to be even more
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fatal and apparently causeless but also at some period of the disease
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ing a poisonous from a wholesome sausage until both have been eaten that
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ous substances have occasioned syncope stupor nausea vomiting and some
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In estimating the value of drugs in certain cases of this affection its
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concomitant blepharospasm. The other cranial nerves
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escape of shreds of membrane from the bladder coincides the physician
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on account of recent knowledge in the field of bacteriology.
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hock joint the external plantar nerve gives off a fairly large branch
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produce of Malaria it seems an object deserving of further
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the author s case. Though bacteriuria is usually accompanied
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Dutchkr Captain Basil H assistant surgeon granted lenve of ab
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not simply the surgical thirst from which we have all.suffered in our
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coagulates slowly and has a slight whitish tinge. Haemo
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of the spleen might have been responsible. From a review of the
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on by the thickening of the mucosa in these regions. Examination after
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plementing the operation with a caustic either cauterizing lightly with
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invasive and the killing capacities of the causal agent have been
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lobe has an accessory lobe supported by the two posterior ribs which
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of the coarse materialism of Hahnemann s doses. Imagine
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germane to the symposium on the returned soldier problem. Pos
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persons in whom there was no evidence of hyperthyroidism the writers con
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f impleton within his knowledge and it is a fact that the
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should be retracted and the upper jaw firmly grasped.
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Every doubt was brought to the test of experiment and ex

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