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jalap gamboge and elaterium. Emetics particularly of the

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then markedly improved. The heart rate was about 65 per minute

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equally distinct streptotrichin E and no tuberculin reaction indicating

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Pregnant women evince no proclivity to nor immunity from cholera.

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Further and this is a point of importance the disease affects the

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were satisfactory. The Italians wore a lieavj high shoe like a hunting

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appendix having been found affected to await another acute relapse

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slavish subjection to authority real or supposed but

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several occasions. Provided the counts are trustworthy the occurrence

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the Act the sole examining body for registration in the Province. As

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I brought the ureter on the right side and stitched it into the

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four hours or whether prescribed in hypodermic injections according to

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i and inharmonious action of constrictors of pharynx

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grounds relate directly to the house head s authority and indirectly

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other contagious diseases. Recent experiments which have been con

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operations and after tWO hours and a half of diligent and most careful

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in three a similar result was obtained with but slight

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general acquiescence. True the conclusion drawn depends upon

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proper doses daily according to the technic given in my previous

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branches spreading the lower ones about 3 cm long the upper gradually

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the inflammation being at the same stage throughout. This stage was usually

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scopic examination of the leprosy nodules showed that the

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man in whom these characteristic signs are absent whose

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mercial tea consists in the nicer sorts each leaf is rolled

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hands of the rider whether breaker or subsequent user. To keep

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cannot be considered pathological. Those collections which have

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entirely under French influence. Later the peculiar organization of

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financial position was reported to be satisfactory and the balance

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served tissues and fluids cultivations control experiments with every

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butwheraitis the source of considerable irritation to the throat.

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wrist pronation and supin.ition of the forearm. The projjressive development

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the congestive bronchitis which is incident to organic disease of the

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In responding to the invitation of the Faculty of Arts to deliver

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observable too by the ophthalmoscope in the eye grounds.

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optic radiations are followed by degeneration of these tracts the external

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Ical relations to accident. He divided tho cases first

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offers rich material for research. It is conceded though that how

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Parang. The sanitary condition of the post has steadily improved

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In certain cases of chronic Bright s disease a very large amount of

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fractory in taking her remedies writes in the depth of his

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well defined case. My first case of scurvy was so typical that I

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summer fruits l erries and vegetables are more plentiful and their

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its cause partly in the difficulty which swallowing causes the

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second patient by sepsis from a digital exploration on the twenty

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of offering a series of substantial premiums open to all the world for

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indications alread enumerated or should its situation be such

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man eaters is bestowed upon them by all their neighbours. But

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of gonorrhoea. The condition is mo. t likely due to infection by the

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and he distinguished serous from sanguineous apoplexy although he acknowl

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shortly after the appearance of Harvey s great work.

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investigation or further consultation will clear up

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if I give chloroform without proper dilution if I give the

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tion shows that the vesicular breath is employed by them. Chalicosis is

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very much. And I tell everyone of them without exception that

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and by the constitutional symptoms of tuberculosis to which

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Very rarely the prostate becomes the seat of cancer especially

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physicians aud excellent surgeons. In country towns

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The American Red Cross constructed a large hut where amusements

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posdtie to giro the patient an enema. In pite of tbe addition of

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transferred to this later series destined more exclusively for instruction

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mal an insidious kidney disease develops one that may

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with certainty. Nevertheless it would shot wound or a compound fracture of

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climacteric instability which characterizes this uncertain

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vessels are wounded the hemorrhage is copious and speedily fatal.

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inaccessible data such as the sex of the child in pregnancy by

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case is the separation of the vein from the artery.

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first symptom is diminution in the amount of urine passed and the

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agents to dissected femoral arteries bleeding into Scar

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One of the moat eminent of modem histologists whs Magnus Gustav

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pains of a severe kind in both legs associated with

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and found it to contain 40 free hydrochloric acid and 70 total acidity.

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have been unable to prepare. These papers bring be

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its mysticism and the explanation of the duality of mind

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