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of it a drug must either be in the colloidal state at the

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of our records and to the possibility of association with other cases

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resting the toe upon the ground with the leg slightly bent and this

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cresyl is a poison to the larvae of Stegomyia and Anopheles in five

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remedy with which I have for some years identified myself beyond any


substance it would be impossible to conceive why the inclination

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on rendering a vital organ less and less competent to perform

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nation of every school child. New York has not only a large

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The carbolic acid treatment also called the Bacelli treat

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even though they may appear to have regained perfect health.

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lower than the corresponding rate for white colored and Porto

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with their children for selection. The case approved and countersigned would be

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improvement same or larger dose to be repeated every six or eight

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pills. Opium in some form is given a half hoiu previously. If

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entitled to representation in the Association as shall make

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especially neurasthenia is discussed by Coggeshall and a few

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specially defined character and it will be most convenient to refer briefly

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however well covered with blankets except in the parts

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invaded the infiltration may become organised and exercise so much

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piratory Organs GastroTntestinal Tract. With 62 colored

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ages of twenty five and forty flve however one observer

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to make the future stand for better work than the past.

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suggestions made you will agree with me I think that absolute

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suscitation by means of enforced artificial respira

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results all cases having recovered without complications.

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of the cases nonhemolytic streptococcus pneumonia in 16.6 per cent of the cases

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are to remove the toxins from the stomach and bowels supply

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actions of other people in his regard he becomes suspicious


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commences in these organs cannot be noticed. In them the hyper

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and is reflected thence by the spinal nerves to the

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Up to the present time no attempt has been made to apply the

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had previously been free. The change was particularly notice

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antibodies. This list is by no means complete but serves our

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prolific in engendering semi invalidism than useful for migraine. Here

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the usual time both recovering after a severe attack.

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they have investigated in detail. Your annotation refers

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possible to apply the knowledge thus furnished by this great investi

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tenderness of the hver remained for experience has shown that in those

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between 11 a. m. the time ol the last vaginal examination and 2

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tion and at a later date an influential committee will

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a digestive extract made from the mucous membrane of the

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to unite our forces to work in harmony for united we stand

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and make their persons appear odd and conspicuous. They

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nisi ilia canerentur in laudem pudendonim plane actum erat. Hoc

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Treatment. Patients with scleroderma should be given


cases the discovery of latent pneumonia may satisfactorily

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and it is not uncommon on the palms and soles. The papules may

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ditis though Traube frequently asserts the possibility.

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Ozonic or guiacum test. The blood solution possesses

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and thus for the officers recourse is daily had to filtration through

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factarer.s who introcluced new style cars at the two previous

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reports 44 resections of the knee without a death all for tuber

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have ascribed an important influence in the production of cerebral hemorrhages.

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thyroidism. The first group is characterized by a tendency to low gastric

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portion though the uninhabitable nature of the dwellings in some parts

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was begun and injections of twenty minims of trypsin

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well to provide for it in the dressing. In this case a

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two essential elements viz ability and opportunity. Let me insist that a third

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bronchitis or pneumonia and then dropsy commencing in the face chest

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The convalescence from scarlet fever is frequently slow the pulse for

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Galart attracted the attention of the curious by exhibiting himself under the

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divided into two quarters an anterior and a posterior quarter. Each

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duty of the American Medical Association and of each

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Acute Diplitheritic Endocarditis Ulcerative Endocarditis 64

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too high results for free HCl and hence must necessarily give

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Virginian for example he talks of tobacco he dreams about

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the wrists and on the mucous membrane of the raouth. On the second

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Epitympanic suppuration may be part of a generalised suppurative

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subcutaneously. Dark field examinations and stained smears

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tumour contain melanin in a partly broken down state. A brief

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