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scarlet fever all of which might in more modern times have ap

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been known to retain its vitality for a year or more. It

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before the growth takes on any definite form except

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Suffocative ga. ics. Suffocative gases which are relatively nonirritative on inhalation

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persons of whom I have several in mind to contribute 1 000

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the bleeding has not recurred. He tlieref ire recommended compression

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on the British Species of Parasitic Insects belonging to the order

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case to which these laws and this practice are applicable. A consulta

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of food administered exhibits little or no specific dynamic action

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in the efficacy of some of these anti rheumatics is by no means

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estimate no allowance has been made for the space occupied by furniture

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emits into the wound through a slit near the extremity of the tooth.

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of order as that being old I should pray for the strength

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vous system in the lower thoracic and lumbar regions. The neural

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the globe what would become of the Chinese Exclusion Act or the

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claims considered in their combined rather than in their individual

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This irregular hermaphroditism is a matter of race

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wounded in action on the Pegasus the collecting stations the

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tant that the Climatological Association would be doing a

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a popular book. The Index Catalogue does not contain this edition and

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bronrhnpneumonia with and without emphysema 4 Empyema 5 Tuber

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itself a sufficient treatment but it has appeared to me to be

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intercourse. His trouble was of six years standing.

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These two factors were the fundamentals of the campaign and

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reaches the 6 mm. stage that the vagus nerve reaches the heart

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A letter was read from the Colonial Secretary asking

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his senior year he served an obstetrics and gynecology clerkship at the Welsh

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other factors to be reckoned with such as improved sanitation close supervision

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ample of the fact that local irritations which do not

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home to vote out the liquor business unaffected by the iridesc ice

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the liver ascends if no adhesions exist. But if these have

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ogy. A native of Schievelbcin in Pomerania Vircbow graduated at

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served in these patients though they might not atli act the

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ciation it has been possible to discuss only the two technical

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often broncho vesicular or bronchial respiratory murmur.

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only 24 so called shell shock cases were admitted by January 1

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and August and only two deaths were registered in the remaining four

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Chronic laryngitis is doubtless a frequent predisposing cause of neo

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Ihrough their much sufferhig mothers. And many blooming

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peritonitis in 3 cases all fatal. The main points in the treatment

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of Highmore for instance and many other local destruc

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infections of mice and rats e g Corynebactenum kutschen or Mycoplasma

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only reward that can be expected is the satisfaction

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tanquam ad lapidem Lydium cum ea conferre vide p. 922. Phrasis

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avoided. He laid particular stress on the improvement

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sudden stretching movement which the patient made on the ninth

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cipal recognition of the great medical truths which can be

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Impairment of vision occurring in a person who to all appearance is

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delicate a little smaller than a small terrier and weighed in

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ly drug that stimulates peristalsis of the intestine and at the

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ized disease and that when the lymphatic system was

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t pithelioid cells and of the connective tissue cells.

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superficial in its action and nitric acid is then ap

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involved in this stage there is no change in the percussion

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inch wide. On following this wound backward the bullet was found to

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related to any definite determining factor. A direct exciting cause can be

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