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caused at first extension succeeded by flexion this

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sitions as two operations of the same nature when they are associated

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as a matter of fact the differential diagnosis between these two conditions

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inspector in a district. This is much to be deplored

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this to say about the prophylactic handling of the disease

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bactericidal and absolutely inhibitory for a period

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in the loins and often drawing blood which is the cause of

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imitation h the junior part of his auditory. He was employed

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Course V Clinical microscopy. This course will consist of demonstrations and practical

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ination showed a large and plastic uterus which was not freely mov

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will frequently fl imulate into motion a paralytic limb and laftly

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tinues is manifested in such struggles as that which convulsed

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then without stripping the vaginal process from the

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to weigh an individual spermatozoon. But the effect of mathe

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three gallons. Boil for five or ten minutes then strain and add eleven

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solutions solidify. This process is one of precipitation and is abso

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rigidity increased reflex aitivity and in addition

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sull operazione di disinnervazione della parotide proposta dal Leriche. Parotid

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A secondary calculus occasionally forms in the bladder

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tions very successful results have been obtained for in

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On the 7th August the skin was hot yet perspiring very

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ber 1915. The patient had been at Stony Wold Sanatorium for

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ported ten cases of typhoid fever complicated with malaria.

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associated with atrophic changes in the optic discs is often met with.

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liver. The liver was somewhat atrophied but not cirrhotic the spleen was

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occasions the tenth day of the fast and the third day following. In

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cholera the perfect purity of the drinking water should be ascertained and its

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