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far as climate and circumstances will allow for the care

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roaring tumors or other swellings in the nasal passages larynx

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Jesuis bien aise que M. votre Ills soil docteur mais il me

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contended for by tlie leading physicians of the state.

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matous spots with minute central hemorrhagic points are seen. The

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and it has not been definitely determined just how acute vision

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protein foods with appropriate supplementary proteins. The problem seems in

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human beings can ask is how we may distinguish truth from

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ous pericarditis. It presents no characteristic tempera

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almost at a tangent. The stomach from the oesophagus to the pylorus had

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Many cases of this nature have been reported and to describe

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stout 2 cm. long or less. Receptacles subglobose to obovoid glabrous red when

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committee think be a valuable contribution to the information already

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The great divergence in our present scientific views of the

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this obtained of no other anaemia the distinction would be of value.

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CONDITION POWDERS Tonic and Purifying to the Blood.

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sinuses. Gangolphe and Pieny find the rigidity inelasticity and

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tubercular bone healed and a cure resulted. But sometimes the

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by bony union. The tendons of the tibialis posticus

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ons Baths or fome fuch like conuenient medicines r as

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itself the first thing that appears is reddish pustules like the

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destined for the bloodvessels only. Scarpa showed from his dis

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tient s only kidney was still among the range of possi

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has had frequency of micturition. Tubercle bacilli were found

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dropped to the sides. Placing one hand on the ribs on the

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seldom much under control and attention should be paid rather to

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cranial mischief the amount of damage already done to the nerve

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dates medical history. The conclusions from the vast fund of ex

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In a person who takes a large amount of alcohol an attack of

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skin. Again the puttee protection indicates the flea

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conveyed to that central organ the cerebellum. A portion of

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upon. There is a very useful appendix which covers formulas for

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followed Forrest through the fortunes of war the founder of the first

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friends that he made. In his young days there was the

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servation since the time his investigations first began. In other words

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ally the limb is abducted and rotated inward. If the po

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the quantity of bloo4 that issued from tbe divided arteries of the

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that it is of the same period with the Poestum tem

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Functional inspiratory spasm has already been referred to as one of

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man is really a proficient in one subject the fact is of

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had been the progress made in methods of treating the insane.

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Inflated lungs contain air but they are comparatively blood

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If we say that chronic alcoholism doubles the mortality we are well

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pleasant enduring objects of daily use is one of the

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its general comfort until it is better. After the shock has passed

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believed that the contagion that was formerly and is still

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this infection. When the disease is ccmtracted by insect bite it is

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abdominal cavity will be opened and the fuitus if it has not been

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mitted that he is one of the moral defectives lacking in

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cases but both died and the autopsies showed that the

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or fusiform dilation with lengthening and tortuosity circum

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tired of this unkind and brutal world But dear doctor what

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some time later a pin was found in the discharge from the

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pelled to decline accepting this theory charming though it is from

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respectivelj. The irritant might enter the breast by the

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child while the operation is being performed but it is not easier

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glandular involvement in tubercle may extend farther down the neck and

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exceedingly important peculiar nuclear safranin reaction and its

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ing the observations largely made by your countrymen could

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of services to the institution with which they are connected. If

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Brogger has contributed a distinct advance to our understanding

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profession has become weary of discussions as to the

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wax upon the drum membrane. By physicians and medical men other

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anomalies and have in all times excited the interest and investigation of

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Bell Benj. On Gonorrhoea Virulenta and Lues Venerea 2 vols. 8vo

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are common. In the summer of 1918 there was an exten

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disease are highly esteemed confidently maintains the opinion

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complete treatise contains seventy five illustrations most of which are new

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is no reason to believe that our treatment is responsible for the result.

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a limited quantity of wine were consumed. They drank no

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peting struggling generally poverty stricken young men who

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