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loadstone and found among the mummies which still retains

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Daily scraping of the tongue has been accused of favor

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first vice president Dr. J M. IngersoU of Cleveland Ohio

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central nervous system. Schiff also discovered the fact

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This disease occurs in many sections of the United States and unless

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ance of the spleen whence the term splenization to characterise thit

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since confirmed this. In all cases this injection causes a considerable

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conjunction with Draut Kolletschka and Rokitansky a series of

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emancipated from the former does not become enslaved by the

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stone tablets bearing the title Cures by Apollo and Asklepios.

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Give symptoms and treatment of strychnine poisoning in the dog a

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the formation of a small pustule round the place where the puncture

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A. iliolumbalis the A. sacralis lateralis as well as of the

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The Committee wish to express their sorrow at the irreparable loss

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S. Clark all of New York. A numlrar of wealthy women

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inequalities in the distribution of pellagra in the townships of the

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rays capable of penetrating any part of the body. New

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First The brain can stand considerable injury and loss of substance

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cases of gonorrlicea. In one instance the attack had been pre

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iting and nausea are severe by high rectal enemata or

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