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proliferation of cells small gangrenous foci are sometimes found

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suming various articles of food to which they have not been

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dollar and when dilation to this extent has been accom

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regarded the use of antiseptic precautions as neces

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Treatment. Give soft or slop feed composed of bran cut hay cold

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Annales Cliuiques 44 torn. Svo Montpellier 1803 17.

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Two great groups of cases can be distinguished from one another. In the

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size of a walnut on the sella turcica which contained

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globules some tubular epithelium and a few delicate transparent

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the yidespread British sentiment of the freedom of the

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ing properly. 2 The organization of physical training classes. In these

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Celebrities of the Century Being a Dictionary of Men and Women of the

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It is obvious therefore that sensitization can be most readily accom

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of contemporary periodicals were full of addresses and articles

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looked down and was partially covered by the u p M lid when

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maintained that the condition was a primary splenic hyperplasia with

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benzene however its action is feeble and the bone marrow is

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The Editors endeavor to publish only that which is authentic but disclaim responsibilty

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tibia with the insertion of the ligamentum patellae in a girl fourteen

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the improvement under diet treatment is progressive and the

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turning black when it grows old. It grows in gardens and

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much difficulty. On January 30th 1S67 after failing for two days to

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Case i. Male white age twenty four presented himself with all

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Pollard an English surgeon removed a lump of bony deposit from

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obtained by passage through young animals Hogyis. An attenuation of

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deeply in the acetabula tlian he has ever seen before

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that the heart may be thrown into excessive action owing to reflected

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It is distinguished by the formation beneath the skm of httle har

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sand or gravel the change goes on slowly and adipocere is rarely met

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abruptness and severity the temperature reaching 103. More commonly

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anesthesia may serve a good purpose. If the convul

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able men of the country and their names will add great

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the condition of another organ or texture in health

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his clinical difficulties. Here the scholarly lover of

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a wire screen a contrivance which I observed had been

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diet must be rigidly enforced and all active exercise prohibited. The

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ward promoting general functional activity throughout the body

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negative os fully dilated membranes ruptured. Deep palpation

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not expect to say anything particularly new but I would like

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The statistics of the epidemic in Sheffield also prove

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Morbid Variations in the Greater or Parturient Cycle Sub

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ot cases to enable one 10.ludgo of the permanent value of

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sentiment are essentially social products that their developmmt

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cystitis.5 A few months later Holt reported three cases which he

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There is still a resource the ultimate elements of bodies are

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life. My patient willingly consented and under chloroform a small

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accommodations and furnishing other means of comfort the same

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Mclver and Price From an analysis of 147 cases of drug addic

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gressive invasion of both lungs and has the gravest significance. An

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another way than simply by opposing the flattening of the

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Ore Testing. The lectures treat of use and jnirpose of all the machinery

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account of the bad roads two and three horses are often

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save life. He agreed that many of the appliances which

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University to prepare students to enter upon the study of medicine

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mineral waters taken freely. Large doses of nux vomica are sometimes

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affected parts just preceding the eruption and that

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mastoid foramen but completely isolated from the ear portion. The

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lowered our capacity for happy activity where is the man who

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physicians were the only people who really knew how

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with the scissors. The second mode is not so easy but when well

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the effects of these naphthol in 4 gramme 1 drachm and salicylate

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sort of high stepping action. This taken together with his

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extent as a valve causing obstruction when the infant throws its head

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When the acute symptoms have subsided the stimulant expectorants

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It requires but little reflection to understand how

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