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invaded duels and as minute wavy fibrils was most abundanl

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class. The apprehension of a failure on my part weiglis

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have an internal diameter of 9 10 mm. The right size may

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long and tedious convalesence an invalid for life. The pubic

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of substance of brain cerebritis and that of membranes vieningitis.

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dura. The dura may appear healthy may be granulating may have

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area of the abdominal wall may elicit it or the patient

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fatty liver. This represented 23 2 per cent of the total. The corresponding

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itals and sanitariums for publication. In all deserving instances

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have Cesarean section with sterilization of the patient as her general

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which look like secretory nerve fibres. The plrysiologi

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One thing detrimental in the use of anesthesia is the belief among

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represent a favorable and curable form of carcinoma. Un

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tions. The oldest documents of the literature of legal institutions

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Dr. LEWIS LiLLEY Leicester pressed lor an amendment

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Case 23. A number of living larvse were received from the

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Microscopically the tumour was found to be a round celled sarcoma

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the condition of another organ or texture in health

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lttle dds. Moreover IhoBSsertioa that the oxceesivecollcctioa of bile

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his arguments are based upon certain assumed facts which T hesi

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ally the limb is abducted and rotated inward. If the po

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was usually round the size corresponding to the diameter of

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the people with pure milk. Their efforts haye been so success

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Prognosis. Graefe has collected 25 cases of this rare affection 1

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though it was unfortunate that no estimate was made

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Fig. 104. Beau Desert hospital center showing railway facilities

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experience in India as regards the Jews but we must

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belonging to different parties to enable regulations to be

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the lungs. Once started this congestion and extravasation may

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viotis history of good health a possible overexertion

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however we have a fracture of this process occurring at

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of study divided into two natural lt roups accordinj as they result from

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be seen text fig.. The mitochondria were generally in the

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While it is possible that some metabolic disturbance

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The former observers using a modification of the test in which

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cases on which we might have done so. There are cases talked of

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Remarks. If these rules are strictly enforced by parents with their chil

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no change when the acid solution is warmed but when heated

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Causes. It is produced from a deficient secretion of the horn making

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company barracks to come and observe a man in some convulsive seizure. If

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ment and who cannot for various reasons be sent to a hospital.

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reflex nature. They are the outcome of the same muscular

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yielded such brilliant results that I shall devote full

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vomiting after which drink freely of warm milk and water and repeat the

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on his own analyses. The total quantity of urine in

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descending e piercing the gutts glancing on the last vertebra

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doubt that such infection does occur but relatively

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livered a lecture in which he stated that physicians had

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Dr. Hewatt pointed out that the reference in the first

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the aneurysm will implicate the transverse part of the arch and in

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or stigmata of syphilis. He had some pigmented spots in his mouth.

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Report on Obstetrics. From the New York Journal of Medicinee.

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type of cases especially. Too many harbor the foolish

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elected Vice Presidents. Dr. Macdonald remarked that

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usually accompanied by condylomata and purulent dischari e. The bowel is

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absorb gases and indirectly to prevent the formation of the

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more nearly the characteristic HolKtein Friesian color

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age of the menopause unless they are distinctly and

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them when the soft parts are sufficiently relaxed. With the chest how

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cases as is my practice as tuberculous suspects. Subse

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for an account of this interesting case and having received no

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In case thyroid aggravates the symptoms the first treat

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smallpox were cured. Not a single American soldier contracted the disease

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Its growth had been similar to that of the ordinary scrotal tumour

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Glass Workers Cataract Committee of the Royal Society

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the trypanosomiasis of horses in Annam from Indian surra and have

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bility. Symptoms with root diet with much or little bile slight cases

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studies great emphasis was placed upon the frequency with which

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lates to the glasses that were used. Tlie proportion not

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be combined with tonics. Iodide of potassium alone has an unfavourable

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most dangerous as indicative of some disease of abdominal viscera.

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diseases as septicsemia canine distemper influenza etc. for

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examinations of the thrombi of infective and wasting diseases to enable

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three illustrating suicidal bullet wounds one replacing the old

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Hydropicall person. Its color and Parenchyma good and

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to the pulmonary condition. The reflexes are normal. There is no

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loth the committee on cities heard the arguments of

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