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parts of the body that are inaccessible to disinfectants or the

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was made a Justice of the Peace for the city of Cardiff.

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variety all the diameters of the pelvis are more or less

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tannic or picric acid nor by mercuric potassium iodide

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by her actions give immistakable proof of her call

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than that from the X rays had no effect upon the specimen

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Cases where hysterectomy could not be done or was inadvisable. 27

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one stone 14 pounds in weight. heart and the respiration. Only after

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sists of serum shreds and fragments of necrotic tissue dead

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tion and their effects upon milk eliminate the suspicion that

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century in 1787 with but one organized medical col

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pharmacology and therapeutics 3 medical jurisprudence

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Hydrochlorate or Carbonate of Ammonia may most advantageously

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Sees the quick lightning fill the world with light

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either inoculation or vaccination could very rarely

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are differently constituted from those who are influenced by

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purposes. The benefits conferred by this part of the Act Section 8

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after an absence of au hour and three quarters returned a

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will diminish for gymnastic exercises and games have no value

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understand how mere destruction of red blood corpuscles

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the mammary gland is enlarged hot tense and tender. There is

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Btitutionally predisposed to diseases of the nervous system and

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for himself and for the other persons whom he engages

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quibusdvm libris additur koi imtp jjOTj irorayihv oXXc rpiov. Certe in

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Parallele der franzosischen und deutscben Cbirurgie.

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enemies of blow flies are the ant Iridomyrmex delectus nocturnal

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During that period the death of 230 physicians has been

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On Fever of Hepatic Origin particularly the Intermittent Pyrexia asso

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Mix. Spread upon a leather and make into a plaster.

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had a puzzled confused expression but protruded the tongue when told to

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Gonococcus Meningococcus Colon Bac cus gonococcus non hemolytic strep

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licacies is likewife very pernicious. Thefe are al

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centages are considered ample to guarantee regular and

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sents the characteristics of absence of mind seem to vouchsafe

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many miUions every spring in England. Now these do not

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False membranes not due to a common microbian cause. Accessory

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The extremists in this custom are the Botocudos who represent the most

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the new scheme of constitution which provided for a two years

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it has been found possible to develop strains containing an increased

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In mediate auscultation a stethoscope is used either a single straight

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U faut done dans Tappreciation des degris d an6mie tenir comple des alterations

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blindness is inherited is due to the number of blind babies. The infection

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siderable stress upon the importance of bone injuries with callus formation

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removed had not been subjected to a microscopic ex

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arrangement at the end of handle for the wire. He uses

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private slaughter houses should be considered in respect to the nC

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pulmonary tuberculosis situated in a beautiful location in northern

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The iodide of iron is thought to be of benefit in man in

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the chirurgical department of the same hospital where they

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noted in s large proportion of phthisical persons and which Dr.

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other forms of sclerosis of the arteries anil for rheu

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pation were noticed only in a few instances and in one case there

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tions that it apparently had answered soon reappeared in improved

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