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equal to 95 per 1 000 of the registered births which was

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continuing twelve leeches were applied over the pit of the stomach followed

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The other variety is more severe in every way. The whole system

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not feel a special interest in examining and it is rare that we

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his patients said thus leaving him to find out their

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theories regarding the value of chemic foods are reported suc

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reputation especially after the aiscovery that tuberculin ia the moat i ibk

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characteristics with details as to treatment in general to housing

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Mercy Hospital spent two months doing special work in Genito

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believe that with the exception of Great Britain a national

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stated that the present post hospital was entirely inadequate for the

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opium is not affected by the fact. Indeed a cavity is a matter

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liver oil on nutrition also demonstrating with specimens

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formed are In Class 1 laparotomy and suture of the ulcer

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e. Antirdbic vaccine. Requisitions for antirabic vaccine will be

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fect. The beef peg has been used four times with two successes but

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Unfortunately one cannot at all times of the year and

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developed gradually during the preceding fortnight

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mum to a minimum tension. These conditions are best fulfilled

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to take this amount of food are already laboring under a severe

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by the ward officer and turned in to the record office.

clomiphene citrate challenge test cost

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produce of Malaria it seems an object deserving of further

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Cinnamon cloves and mustard are fine preservatives even better than

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o ten experienced was completely done away with and

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reflexes by cocainization of a nerve trunk I advise that this be

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these ulcers the additional factor being some infective

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