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wait until the chief boss sa3 s Osmosis. Then go to work
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century and since then numerous histories have been
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young gentleman s fever increased to an alarming height he hecame com
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Shingleton Smith s kindness and well known skill and submitted them
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their studios for general illumination without glass filters and
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our readers evidence of the awakening interest of surgeons in the opera
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population of 1 748.000 but in Manchester the midwives
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In amblyopia pure and simple there is no pain only failure of
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i disseminateil sclerosis of two and a half years duration. On
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results surprisingly good in cases of long standing
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matters which are under the control of the very repre
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In the case of central neuritis we have an interesting addition to
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scopically and stated that the fat occurred as minute globules
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than that pertaining to the delivery of animals in parturition and
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ment of these parts. The cold of winter and heat of summer are
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On the 2gth the patient was greatly depressed. The fore limbs
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accommodation. The loss of pupillary action to light was very common
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keep the patients long enough for all the wounds to be
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blood and later of blood alone in considerable quan
cartilage are now separated from the cartilage with
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medical gatherings may enjoy such splendid quarters as
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chest protector an abdominal band a muffler a pair of knit gloves or
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The principal thing is to treat these diseases in time before the
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instituted. For the intense headache coryza backache and general
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is valuable in suppressed menses and cases of anosmia also as
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general phenomena of fever while the affected part becomes of a deep red
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pressed sponge afterwards wetted enabled me to excise it at its pedicle
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No sign of it again appears until the ichneumon and pig
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Complications. a Dermatitis may develop from rubbing
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these sciences and all other sciences the better will
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As there was little or no change in the ability of the
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orems of ordinary geometry. For instance Lobatschewsky s theo
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constant decrease and for the month before discharge varied from
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more than 8 hours a day. six days a week or at night.
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bility the predisposition must be there and the same holds true in
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Hospital with special reference to the use of anti pneumococcus serum. Med.
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be traced to no antecedent disease or present condition in which the
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ensues in consequence of the means employed for this purpose
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lung. The condition has persisted for more than tAventy years.
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the child s back was broken. There was no reaction and the patient
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liacking cough is generally present but the pain it
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one ounce and we know by experience that it will take an
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tion fits of coughing and threatened suffocation accompanied by dis
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a deep and fervent piety with the ijractical qualities
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not because the patients were malingerers but because the horror of the
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introduction of Eucain B. And it was later repeatedly
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protoplasm of the liver cells. Favy thinks that there
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to infection or at any rate renders the subject less resistant when
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reponse. On dit que M. le nonce Cera bientot son entree solen
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other papers although shorter are fully as deserving of men
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It appears then that while no direct destructive action is
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Industry also the Acts of Congress under which they are Made.
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into the capillary eustachian tubes or even to glide upon the vault
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water twice a day after bathing wipe dry and apply the white
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service in the organic form. Strictures resulting from gon
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transpiration. Nevertheless information of this nature is important.
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with acidity of stomach especially gout uric acid gravel dyspepsia
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iology also is a knowledge by itself of no avail for therapeutical
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A colored woman aged 38 years admitted to The Johns Hopkins
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which are not only disastrous to the patient but which also
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Ceudk and Corrected Annl al Number of Disability Days per
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reaches the hideous prevalence of idiocy startles the travel
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women or long aft r the cessation of ovulation and menstruation. In
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contact burns emphysema cardiac dilatation and bronchopneumonia.
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ctTeclive public service in its lack of interest in this
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of the cesophagus generally occurs with other nervous henomena. ias
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with enormous numbers of spore chains which do not extend into the
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was a tedious process. It was only in 1635 that Charles I
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in conditions of feeble circulation the writer has experimentally deter
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But it was by no means necessary to be so foolhardy as this
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rhagic smallpox may and do result from infection de
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arachnoid was thickened and presented traces of recent inflammatoiy
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of the nature and concentration of the salts in the muscle of the
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to this than to any other affection of the pancreas. The ordinary
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hysterectomy. She was treated tentatively and has since given
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or with colic presents a suspicious picture which must be worked out
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phthisis. T e deficient vascularity of the pale and thickened arytenoids
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amount raised taking into account the value of clothing
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ers. Strong arguments have been used to show that such
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ond and sixth ribs on either side. The apex is best

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