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due to infection from the primary focus in the testis.

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a quantity of pus would probably be expectorated or exceptionally the

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tends to be confused nowadays by the great number of

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tation of the lower third of the thigh succeeded completely the

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scientific plan of treatment and as a rule secure bet

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and tarry become lighter and of a golden yellow color the

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the only chance the patient has of a cure is in the early

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for the purchase of books or for benevolent or other pur

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the race the sanitarian dealt with things feasible.

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mental concentration was found to be impossible. His

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presenting a tj pical gallstone history likewise cases

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ford on the Avon 1831 elected Fellow of the Royal College of

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rubin. On microscopic examination the sputum contains variously

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see that none of the speakers had drawn a comparison

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ment of the internal capsule Cisl retrolenticular segment of the internal capsule

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it again. We had digested and absorbed enough to be sure but

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have suggested thorough disinfection of the mouth and L.iroat heforo

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fruit of a long and extended practice and a careful

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lose its controlling power hence the rigors and shiv

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tainly deserve mention. Twenty five hundred of our em

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spheres from the earth correspond with the proportion of sounds in the musical

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other garden produce are likely to be the vehicles for the conveyance of

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ville Fairfield Lawreneeburg Cincinnati Louisville and finally at

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TION. Assistant House Surgeon. ttalar y 80 per annum

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calculus the hemorrhage occurs after every violent exertion. When it

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this curvature. The cervical region is the most flexible part of the

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a large scale by means of the experimental method. Professor

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A species at once distinguishable from Wendlandia luzoniensis DC by its

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red corpuscle 18 segmenting quartan parasite the so called mar

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a philosophic range of view and by thorough familiarity

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yet thoroughly established a tolerance and they have

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without exception a higher percentage of infected farms than

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after the operation then too sometimes in the urine

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Owing to the remarkable changes in the pituitary gland in acromegaly

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teriform ulcer is exposed having a fetid secretion a

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grounds on the part of a few who were overlooked when the

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the first examination. Ele en 52.3 per cent of the 21 whose

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to excite acidity and undue fermentation in the alimentary tract and

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distiu bances but it is difficult to conceive how the advanced

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within recent years so many sumptuous atid lieautifully illustrated med

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matism be the cause or if it be not by other appro

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Colle s fascia to Buck s fascia beneath. Beyond this

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This is due in part to unsettled conclusions as to the etiology

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ligatures applied to the lig. patellae the joint filled with iodoform glycer

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crediting the belief that inherited syphilis is infectious. At any

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undergo decomposition and the uncertainty of their strength and should

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moned. The phrase safety first had not been coined at that early

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O cro io. The tension was decidedly increased. Both eyes

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thing which makes a forcible impression upon the nervous system

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of jDupils as notable commentators it is however more satisfactory from

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Tartar Emetic is one of the poisonous stimulants used

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i. McMnrtry In line with the points made by the spei

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Solubility. 1 in 30 cold water 1 in 3 boiling 1 in 4

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upon the author only meddleth with those points from whence

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whole system. To avoid as much as possible the effects of sudden

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portal system contain much crude material absorbed from

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the spinal cord. Streptococci and staphylococci have been found in some

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cally as well as physiologically it is found that it could

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order that the remedial ajiplication may be brought in contact with the

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places about 1 000 Insane patients of Ward s Island under the medical

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this to say about the prophylactic handling of the disease

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giscben Anatomie des menschlichen Magens m Fallen von Ulcus

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the water the excess water being expressed by grasping the roll at its

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In addition leptomeningitis may be caused by many organisms as

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pos cherchez lui une tranquillite entiere tene. pour maxime

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barbered the pubes being as smooth as a maiden of twelve. I introduced

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Olympian deities would have no difficulty in reducing

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Medical Collc v as well as a licentiate of the Society of

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didactic and practical clinical instruction of medicine which led to the medical degree.

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and staining characteristics of the relapsing fever spirochaete

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tion in the appendix or to a chronic colitis with in

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continued cases that pigmentation results. The President thought

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To sum up the foregoing in seeking for the most profitable utiliza

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coil a primary battery three tubes a screen and some Paget photographic

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with the result that the new loecow Hospital with accommoda

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