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Dr. Simpson however gives the following testimony in support of his views
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sideration j but the prevention of the mere decomposition of the
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devoted to party what was meant for mankind. Hence his reputation
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menopausal woes is presbyopia. In a large number of instances
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frequent complication but I have not found it in as large a proportion
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Alexander S. The treatment of intraperitoneal traumatic rupt
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allow the patient to partake of the expressed juice
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in two of the cases one of which showed a non hemolytic
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ones. The statistics however indicate that we are drifting to Caesarean
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for fecal fistula and if successful it is the best and simplest
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that of respiration as the result of the chloroform
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Fic. 4. Showini fixation at ankle joint and scaphoid and cuboid
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spermatique et du scrotum traduit avec des additions et des
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add the following case which occurred in his service at the Phila
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Symptomatology. The symptomatology of latent and occult syphilis
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of food cannot be of great importance in increasing heat production
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the Council of the Medico Psychological Society with regard to the
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ism. Never can he consider chemical change as the expression
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able. In other respects myocarditis of traumatic origin does
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the purpose of undergoing an operation for stricture of the uretha of 8
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I offer this clinical record with the brief comments
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It is not only difficult to scientifically define the prevailing standards
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asked some one present to drink it. A young boy stepped for
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nipple which lends color to this claim. The responsibility for this
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in medical wards. To avoid such mistakes microscopic
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have responded momentarily to a dose of colic mixture given by
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pemphigus especially when the disease affects the skin of the
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in the kidnevs only Imt is usually associated with similar changes in the
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F. Painter Boston read this report the cases occurring in
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openings to the right of the symphysis above Fonpari s
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whole latitude of the womb both the scarf skin and the whole
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alkaloids containing 50 per cent of anhydrous morphin about five
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storni one and ended in something approaching a split with
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able reason of the infiltration of the cellular tisues with the serum
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mare the Percheron also showing cut of stallion and mare the
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chamois or by a glove. Snow pre disappear. With firmer pressure the
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holding ti head backward. llie mouth is held open by a gag
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ance of articles papers and discussions which contended that
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ardent devotion to Bacchus. He says he could not live with
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diffuse themselves laterally through the ground air and be drawn up into
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it is continuous with the presylvian sulcus. The cortical area
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seems to be doubtful at least two observers noting an
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the removal of the prudential restraint on licence in
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mon and are of especial importance as they cause great anxiety to the
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is opened into at any part during the operation primary suture
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injected with all possible aseptic precautions into the
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important source of intake for the cholesterin content of the body.
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of Surg. Ixvi 334 1917. which supervenes at a late period
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neurotic patients patients with spinal disease or deformity or those with
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while I held his right hand. Dr. Baynard laid his hand on his
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of the pathology of chronic middle sui uration ont

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