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of artificial means of modification than has that of

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flushed later in the evening it was found that both arms

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water aaa not ba obtained and ia aueb eaaaa aoma other

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worthy of report in detail. The present case is as follows

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number of cures has materially increased and we may reasonably

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ordinance are a distinct contravention of the spirit and also of the

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These reasons are in themselves quite sufficient to show the neces

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hensive exhibition of A ray plates and prints. Mr. Thomson

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farther north in the Proclaimed Area. The trypanosome causing

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It is unfortunate that as yet we do not know what is

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to become drowsy barking in its sleep occasionally until the morning.

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of any camp or tent colony at Denver for tuberculous patients. There

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the eleventh day the organ was so far reinverted that

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bacilli either time. Urine from the left kidney was

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The rock pigeons Columba livia present two very distinct color

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In those who had the disease mildly i.e. about two

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loadstone and found among the mummies which still retains

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James Paget estimated that the locks cost about 700 pounds

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