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suture and di ain were reuuned and Ihe cast reapplied. After
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bers of tlieir subordinate staff for although these were
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foetid ftools with a fmall intermitting pulfe and a
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should be willing to give the chief officer of the asy
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on arrangements reported the minutes of last session
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this substitution is carried the more acetic acid will be available for
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ing result of his investigation Zeitschrift f. Heilkunde Bd. 7 Prag 1886 and
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rectum and bladder by the fluid forced into them pre
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To relieve the pain arising from malignant disease.
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information received from a patient or some old woman. Now
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subject susceptible of categorical dealing with are
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communicat ons and discussions will be presented in either
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parts and present a slight but evident yellow tinge and the vocal
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Central Department accompanied the line organizations from thi
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and experimental investigation in the line of original research.
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according to the muscularity of the patient with eleva
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brane was entirely drawn down the forceps were allowed to remain
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only by virtue of the fact that they had a flat ab
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menstruation. Twenty days before there had occurred
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upper lips less commonly the inferior boundary of the
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nomenon of unilateral pain on pressure of the brachial plexus
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rbagica. There were among them however 3 cases of prolapse of
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shelter from the N.W. The eastern region is predominantly
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as he thought that this also prevented the excretion of
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desirable to sustain until the desired effect is ob
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But when any confident train of fenfitive or voluntary ideas is
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Mvocarditis sic viele von der Endopericarditis hervorgebracht
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immediate physiological effects upon the individual produces
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so adjusted as to favor the demonstration show that the bacillus of
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pubescent ligule broad ovate obtuse irregularly cleft or lacerate hya
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portance of this sign in pressure cases. Enough has been said we
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of contrast they record an equal number of cases of purely mitral
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be laid out horizontally the knee slightly flexed and
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excrement which is voy ded from the mouth be fpumous
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itic. It seems that the glandular enlargement in this case
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lifted vertically until I could feel the a positi lt n of
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As the individual grew the artery became larger the
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Asleep in dugouts during and following gas bombardments 2 gas clear alarm sounded
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terre ils ne seroient pas sitot noyes an reste je voudrois
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progresses toward the tertiary period prob the late secondary tertiary and latent
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fails to correct the defect a system of muscle gym
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enough she recovered without the slightest untoward
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beyond the amount already present. This is recorded as residual
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closed by a stop cock. By another scratch of the file the lower
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Bongrand J. Charles 1912. Elimination of Arsenic after Treatment with
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studies by various scholars which have radically modified the con
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during the day and a single dose or administration of water copiously and
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by side to withdraw the fluid and irrigate the colon
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hold a paper bag over his nose and mouth so that the excessive
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It seems that Nature is continually taking advantage of
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is only after long observation that it is possible to attain cer
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tasto and gm n color. ITicso scrcrc fonns of the status gutdieai
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ticular house the seizure of the servant shows the presence of a strain
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domen. Such masacs occur rarely titer perforation of ulcer of tin
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quired e. g. transfer of infectious cases by mutual arrangement betw een
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of prominence after a large experience both with pneumatic
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they burnt the bodies of kings. A napkin hereof Pliny re
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glycerin and an equal part of distilled water in which 3 grammes
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his time such as the circulation of the blood by Har
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from the sanitary reports and the annual reports of chief surgeons of
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which was for the control experiment was connected to a flask
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blood. This is asserted to be much less irritant in its
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various indications it fulfils will be so apparent as
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doctor is endeavoring to devise some piece of apparatus by which
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these positions should send to the Dean of the Faculty of
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lining of the mouth purging of mucous and blood collapse and
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bit obtained twenty hours after a preliminary bleed

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