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viously anaesthetic areas and the thickened nodular
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tissues and blood effects on of intravenous injections of dichlorethylsulphide in
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exophthalmic goitre which the clinician shotild dis
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power and develop their more acute sensory functions
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the zone of the armies The chiefri f 1 Department in
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then passed on to review hospital provision at home and abroad and
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bear comparison with those of pleurisy with effusion increasing slowly
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that he had lost all control over the muscles of the
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spacious hall many whose names have since become famous have made
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vesicles dnvolope lt l but the uustules all developed crusts so
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experimental facts show that the action of phloridzin
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Expoils of Goree. The Gambia and Bathurat. Cheeriees first
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in the wards there is a perfectly free competition by means of
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v.int la reine d Angleterre quand elle sera arrivoe. J apprends
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and proposed for the condition the alternative name of microbic
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In the lobar pneumonia type frothy bloody serum poured from the nose
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extensive medical knowledge combined with a wide experi
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are too vague and indefinite to be depended upon with any
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and Sir Frederic Eve has accepted the post of surgeon.
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previously. She also stated that since the appearance of the
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a large extent with the formation of approximately equivalent amounts of
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by a retention lt fieoea aomcwhat obstinate pcrhap liut one whkA
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stapes. This is rather a troublesome test and the answers of patients
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setting up exercises up to D with no subjective symptoms. The
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always a fall of the blood pressure the second an increase in the
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easy to diagnosticate it is unsafe to pin our faith
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to the interruption of innervation in certain fibres
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all how to examine an eye properly and at the same time
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of the brain and its membranes aud over the Rpine in
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under which it occurs in men especially in horses goats and
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different in different peoples is connected the consecration of sacrificial
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to recognize the toxin or its source. Superficial diseases
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that stricture and fistula ought to be done away with
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present illness began two years ago and its onset was
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cases in the gut contents. Definite microscopical evidence has been
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Vascular changes reported include arteriosclerosis of the vessels of the
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the accessory thyroids which have a similar indeed iden
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possesses all the medicinal properties of the herb and may be given in
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respiration may prolong life although the necessity for their use is generally
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doubtful whether consolidation would come to our aid at the oppor
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Information as to the requirements of and qualifications for the service
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that the anatomy of Confucius Socrates and Dr. Johnson would show
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crowding by the abscess he considers as a weak argument the
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In order that loss of time and further correspondence in
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and mesenteric lymph glands. The lungs liver and kidneys
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Etiology. It is usually secondary to influenza rabies
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ulation and the details of the method need not be re
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you have symptoms of descending trouble with paralysis of motion and
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should not be older than a month to get the best efEects.
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Bennett removed with Macewen s osteotome a wedge shaped piece
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Lemann in a clinical note on the same patient states
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Also Handb. d. Kinderkrankheiten Gerhardt TtibinRen 1877 i
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The officers for 1904 then retired and the following
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than the exception in cases of perforating typhoid ulcer it is well
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which man pre eminently enjoys and in which mere animals have no
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undertook a study of the conditions existing the provision of
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though the whole course of professional study had been taken abroad.
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Treatment. When dependent on hypermetropia may be cured by proper
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and night for four doses. On the second day the dose
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nized as the wards of the state and their care and maintenance
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John Lirzars Lizars Esq. Associate Coroner for the United Counties of
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chloroform is u d its solvent action over all the alkaloids genemlly
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obtained from only 134 Table I. The percentage of positives
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article we stated that a growing inability to sleep was a clear
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the stomach or esophagus. The trachea being situated more anteriorly passei
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the first instance be delegated to the Dental Executive
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constrict the vessels are in part accessible to direct observation
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principles and methods of what is called physical chemis

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