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pointed out the conditions for the absorption of fat
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matings have hmen developed information regarding animal
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will be further gratified at receiving suggestions as to
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only criticism to be made is that the work has been too much
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a cavity or vomica is formed. In some cases the process of softening
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shape of the tumor seemed consistent with either and the harmless
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believed to demand the fresh application of leeches to the head of cold
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terre ils ne seroient pas sitot noyes an reste je voudrois
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boiled for live minutes. This gives a temperature of 103 C. The beds
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Lethargic encephalitis 534 Investigation of sickness
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prepared by Major Maddick are likely to prove very helpful to medical students.
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ported by Macewen the patient after an injury to the head had suffered
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Dr. Cotton The Secretary is a member of the Examining
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amined the housing in Washington New York Louisville. St. Louis and
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elect nothing can keep him back so long as he is able to
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the dose be not increased all the symptoms of poisoning come on
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fo stu y recently developed s steriliaation equipment and
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is more rare. The condition followed ligation of the common carotid in
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vol. 2i 1912 Catulli Tibulli Properti Carmina quae extant omnia
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ier and Sonnenburg while admitttng the value of this method claim
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to the lower limbs it may be asserted that no deduction can
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perature of the water entering the boiler from the heater was determined by
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the electromotive molecules of the muscle and these agents. Bach
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criminal contempt of its activities and dangers. In
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the cases the pain is of slow onset not localized with
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We will furnish reprints of articles sent us at cost of paper
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tivation of these talents is of the utmost importance to the great
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mine iodine phosphoi ous and iron in small juantities in addition to
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almost entirely confined to the negro race the mulatto
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statement should be made with regard to the business done
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single death. It is pleasant to take hardly ever followed
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tuberculous ulcer should be made by microscopic ex
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light up into activity from some indefinite cause or the patient s general
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tion of the former serves all practical purposes. In spastic paralysis the
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the blood stream and the resulting immunity proved to be suf
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the examination of sputum for tubercle bacilli when
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lity. A very fmall quantity of wine is fufficient to
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complete with quiet sleep or sometimes unquiet sleep with a tendency
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meningitis associated and leads us to ask whether these latter were not
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bacteriologists chose to ignore its presence in the cultures considering it of
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Dec. 15 1909 The coma persisted and the patient became
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preceding occupants having been slight. Still the gravity of the
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Sciences came over to London expressly to see him operate and
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had consulted him with an ulcerated cornea. The physician noticed some
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books. We have great faith in instruments of precision and of their
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mouth and nose suggests that there are special factors which determine
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en outre que lorsque la raort a lieu apres cette operation elle depend
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it is further modified by the fact that it rarely exists
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its history for the patient being an infant as the arms only
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for obtaining podophyllin iridin etc. It is of a thick pilular consis
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migraine probably antedating the tuberculosis by many years is epilepsy.
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milliampc res. In more recent cases of the affection
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then we prefer to use strophanthus to steady the faihng heart and
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The fundus was too high up for a shoulder presentation
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It may be detected in tlie urine before other symptoms of jaundice develop.
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Sometimes the hyaline material forms a large crescentic
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Jacobi addressed some questions to the reader of the paper for
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it was not obtainable before. If however it is pos
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This letter is a long one. I trust the importance of the
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the phenomena that bodies presented depended on the diversity of the el
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during life and here is a diagnostic problem of great
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comprises 121 pictures three pieces of sculpture four
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venous injection may go a long way toward making up the deficiency
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Braxton Hicks or late internal version is better than section. If
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and my friend Dr. Faussett of this city has directed our attention
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slightly superior situation and maintains in the more anterior parts of
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have been operated upon in the gynecological clinic of the
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behind the edge of the muscle. This first suture will
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From the beginning of our military operations the medical section G 4
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investigation with the development of pulmonary edema. At this time
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The fissures thus made are to be filled with the paste renewing the
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the earth turns round. Just as our Copernicus said to us It is
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nally one drachm of the sulphate of iron powdered being mixed
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them. The latter circumfi anee.or that of deficiency of origirial nn

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