Tricorn Hat Makers

All of these are uncertain and are open to personal interpretations.

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Treatment Under no circumstances are deprc saing remedies to be given.

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are paralyzed indicate whether the disease is in the eripheral nerves or

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the stomach and morphin hypodermically. The administration of

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either die later from lung damage or survive. Animals which survived the

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left her with a shortness of breath after slight exertion. She

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Intrinsic Diseases of the Nose Ear and Larynx by H. Lambert Lack

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High temperature was at one time supposed to cause it but this has

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numerous articles by which he might save himself so the author

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infectious. In his opinion measles whoopiugcougli and

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this period admits not now of satisfactory proof nor even

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largo numbers of colonies Avithout definite results.

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Slippery Elm Poultice. Take of slippery elm bark in powder

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but the pre existing relations of contract practice between

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number of proprietary preparations many of them metallic

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who avoided the use of corn meal altogether included 6 pellagrins

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accounting principles as required by the Department and 0MB.

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was good. The ultimate result however was in doubt as the patient

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and subacute anterior poliomyelitis but the necropsies showed degenera

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after the most painstaking and aivinl npi. ation there

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decidua serotina and especially that membrane which holds the ovum in

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dermoid cyst have been observed. There was one case of

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It w.is then that the oxygen gas was tried the tube from the

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fcr forty ht hours with fifteen ounces of the spirit in a close

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mercury. Mercurial applications on the skin should be washed

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swelling begins to go down and thereafter paint it once

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about 25 grains daily but Mr. F. informed me he never gave his

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the tropics or in miasmatic malarial climates ought to be warned

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Revue de Dialectologie Romane vol. 3 December 1912 vol. 4

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