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all the others. They differ widely for instance in anaesthetic power.
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The Subscription to the Review is 12s. per annum post free r
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Tri SUte Medical Journal atid Practitioner St. Louis June.
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arsenic recommends the following in the vomiting of preg
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uuits. As the commanding officer is primarily concerned
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extends downward gradually becomes thinner and thinner
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ease of short duration the sputum may be very abundant.
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The arterioles in some cases were free from thickening
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be looked after and the eye needs to be somewhat protected from
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which are now considered of endothelial origin. He exempts
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The application of ice bags over the pneumogastries in the neck or to
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of the stomach. From the foregoing considerations it
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ereatinin excretion an indicator of the endogenous nitrogen
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The paplllcBfungiformes exhibit a club shaped mucous pa
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terin in far greater quantity than is necessary to prevent
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sence of fever or profuse hemorrhage or odorous dis
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DISMISSING then the visionary idea of curing or even
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could be felt denting into it. I concluded it was a
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on germs. Carbolic Acid Gauze consists of unbleached cotton
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titis with beginning acute yellow atrophy and striking syphilitic
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whose eye rolled in a fine frenzy was not we assure
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paste a useful newspaper scrap in ome appropriate place or
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Tkeatment. The treatment is jmventive and remedial. With regard
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that he did not deny the existence of rabies in ani
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written a considerable time ago and are now interwoven
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he suffered pain from the knife thrusts being made into his
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way out to India with the object chiefly of studying the
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implication of the ophthalmic branch l gt ut this being associated with
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to be aware of these palpitations in the epileptic since the patient complaining
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materia medica and will therefore be fully discussed as the
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the normal tendency of the nutritional energy to maintain life
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Board of Health has been greatly curtailed until to day it is
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through successive generations the object being to determine the effect
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the general circumstances at sponsible for the large number
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largest therapeutic doses must be given to secure an antipy
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sulphite but a thiosulphate. The old title however is
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mate asserting that a careful study of statistics and
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with those who had previously served satisfactorily as contract sur
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It has been noted by otologists that a catheter intro
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downpours with thunder and lightning and sometimes hail.
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found present without any history of jaundice hepatic
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for long before the great American trainer made his appearance
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relations of the growth to the different strata of the uterine fibres. The
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ventilation are necessary. All perishable food should be sterilized and kept
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gas poisoning. It was in investigating an epidemic of this kind at the
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spoke of removing the uterus in seven minutes or less
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osinamine together with the application of hot air for
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diminution in the length of that humerus. In a good
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atypical cases of myoma such as the adeno myoma diffusum
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for its long duration. It began after digestive disturbances followed by an
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After a brief reference to the acid proof bacilli and to
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distribntion is in i tseU suggestive of the nature of the disease
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famous Vaccination Act of last year. The spectacle of
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with Bacillus coli. Convulsions together with cyanosis jaundice
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On November 14 1918 patients in hospital centers numbered 109 238
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of tropical medicine. While he was with the school the
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must be in healthy tissue or union will fail to occur and the
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skin and subcutaneous tissue with this preparation of morphia.
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When optochin is given by mouth according to such a scheme of dosage
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junct which has been a source of considerable benefit when
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lar attachments of the tongue to the genial processes.
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eight somewhat monadelphous a7itliers two or four celled opening
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From these graphs it is quite apparent that three distinct stages may be
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impossible to state that the amount of protection produced warrants the
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with this small detachment but Sergt. First Class Richard A. Wood
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General Towushend was twice mentioned in disjmtches on
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acts for an absent friend even without a direct mandate
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casting by inventing some patent hobbles having a running chaia
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tumors in three generations are large ones on the median nerve in
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contrihulam Braun 1901f Apr. 25 568 in Hirundo rustica 1901g 895 943
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plementing the operation with a caustic either cauterizing lightly with
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To Allowances retained for Servants on Service in Army
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some curious features of education in this country.

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