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possible roles of alcohol and takes it for its flavor or because he

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Elliott Richardson s the only successful case that has yet been reported

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pecially noticeable at night are alleviated by applying

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called was one. But the Union made it a condition of

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most of his youuger colleagues can recall many a pleasant

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lower limbs seemed very pliable and he felt capable of

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usually made up of aggregated red IJood discs or the granular matter

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peritonitis but oil of turpentine appears here to be more

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acquainted with a gentleman in the neighborhood of the patient on whose

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those who work in glass and porcelain factories metal

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into the muscle with certain effect and without irritation.

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turbances of the circulation as an important accessory factor it is evident

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ice soda water brandy and egg mixture 17 restorative soup 2.

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time a change for the better may take place anJ a euro ultimately

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classified cases of mycetoma into the two groups before indi

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bibliography and from the references given you can easily gain

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their nature and situation. The signs and symptoms ac

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medicine purchased for the army or navy. We believe no inspec

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The teaching in Roble Gymnasium has been carried on by Clelia

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by invigorating the body the advice is certainly sound to nourish

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jalap resin may be readily ascertained by its action with sulphuric

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importance of differentiating between the different forms

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about 10 degrees in flexion and extension adduction to a few

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Herbaceous or shrubby plants with simple alternate sometimes op

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Canses. Pursuing the plan heretofore followed the author will not

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any previous injury general appearance of the patient

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most careful consideration because the conditions of life in the civil

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place on July 6th. Dr. Pj ne was Dominion analyst aud

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should some doctor tell them they have heart disease and treat

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employed before and after labor under the plea of prophylaxis

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secretions by means of syringing with a warm solution of

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reddened in the early stages but later becomes muddy or

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which only appear to be suffering from broken wind. Although in

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lymphatic glands he advocates the knife but insists

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cells are attacked first and undergo a slow process

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Public sanitation as well deserves more attention. The demand

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Scapidd. Southam i tv89 Perier reLs and Maclean 3 report

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few other methods to which in the past we have resorted in intestinal

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the susceptibilities which awakened become disease The Ameri

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gent taste. Like the Sulphate of Quinia it requires an excess of acid

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per year out of every 61 215 of the population and that the

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with honor in the conquest of Asia s past. We know the admirable

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an injection five to seven times as great had no slowing effect upon

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There was a striking similarity clinically about all the

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obtainetl allowing it shall be punishable by a fine of not more

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is a prescription needed for cavertals

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surface pains. These are well illustrated in a record given to Ross

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Giessler Orookes Hitthoff Lenard Thomson and Tesla. Several

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In compound fractures Hippocrates directs thai the bones it project

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nearly smooth finely granular uniform surface of lobar pneumonia they

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cohol must be used with care and the towels about the

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and he thinks that these fistnlous openings may have

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median region of the neck the reader is referred to the

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secured. Three of our cases which we have been able to observe

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ters. The laboratory has already proved of very great

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most important of these from a military viewpoint at this time is

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has its rise. To reconcile this seeming contradiction between the

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practice and history of poetry nor scientifically tested by the social

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Fig. I. Showing spindle shaped swelling of finger joints and en

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stalk and veins red the upper ones are oblong lanceolate and acute.

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Enlargement of the Prostate. 1901 third edition 1906

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pigs died in fifteen twenty or twenty five days and on microscopic

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great inroads which the parasites make on the liver clinical

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PREPARATION. In France vinegar is prepared from the lighter

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and kill out other bacteria. This first method Metchnikoff now tells us

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Under this head the whole group of cathartics is excluded the

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there finds in the presence of a tuberculous lesion suitable soil

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then passed on to review hospital provision at home and abroad and

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