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narily preliminary ligation should permit completion

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the position of the left horn of the titerus there was a

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in the nasopharynx behind the nasal obstruction. The facts

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in horses even in young animals in otherwise healthy

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On the other hand I should like to remark that there are some

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of a profession which exacts from its followers the largest responsi

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Alban Doran. In this case there was a myoma of a rudi

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eclampsia was to be attributed to the effects of labour.

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get nearly perfect results in suitable cases. This.

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modify the development of mental disturbance in mas

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thus more characteristic of cancer though by no means

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The Chairman said Ireland had a draft Bill proposed and fourteen

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diphtheria. The verdict was rendered in the following words

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pssociation to the other agencies in the tuberculosis cam

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observable too by the ophthalmoscope in the eye grounds.

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linsk government of Cufa nearly 4 000 cases have been

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ber 2d there were during the week 508 deaths from all

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Subtrochanteric Osteotomy by this the faulty position of the limb

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antitoxin should be administered the quantity of the carbolic

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geon to arrest the.same create a degree of anxiety for doctor

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character accompanied by evidence of general nutritive disorder in

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either the vegetable or animal kingdoms and are to be used

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sweet milk yolks of six eggs one tablespoon of flour

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relieved by carefully paring the hardest part of the corn flush with the

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removed from those who entered the asylums much of the difficulty of.

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tion syphilitic disease of the membranes of the brain

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Walter Lomax Edgar Lucidi Karl Nicolai Robert Segin

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tigators have found that neither nucleinic acid nor

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rather to bring forward again some of the main elements

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the Hollander began to prate of religion upbraiding one of our

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or synovitis follows absorption of ptomaines from the urethral discharge

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Flowers of Sulphur. Externally sulphur is used in various

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produce these injuries but will simply state that it

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about doing necessary things. That however does not include attending

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of the womb and probably remove a clot which was sup


eight minutes or until perspiration is established. The jet douche is

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to the descent of bad humors into them from the brain.

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affected by compulsory attendance at the ordinary schools

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the urinary passages especially an enlarged prostate often attended with

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tible alteration in the exterior of the chest. When

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cases it is difficult not to tear the tissues but unless

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this luirpose while cautiously stating that their results

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to the boiling point strain and carefully evaporate to the proper con

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nation is a very long time in that of its individual

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may ted fluctuation by placing one band flat on the abdoom

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more or less dropsy occurring. We can see how dropsy should not

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actually do accomplish this compensation and for a long time

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Haematuria is an extremely common occurrence but it is generally

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small number of cases Cautley found 8 under eighteen months of age and

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technique. Recognising the importance of this point Chevalier Jackson

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in circular order enclosing an area 600 feet in diameter. In this

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also wet with this solution and larger than the first are

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under pressure. The swelling occurs a little above the point of bog

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It has also been attempted to connect eclamptic uraemia with a

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patient according as he regards his condition from a hopeful or a

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and puff the cheek but there was no increase of pain

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born Margaret FitzRandolph. He married Jane Paxson Parry a

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part of the nterns and therefore removal is partial

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technique of which can be easily explained and demonstrated to the

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real difficulty of the measurement ot intelligence. It is

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which scientific inquiry would be helpless and hopeless the belief that

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liquid well suited for impregnation of a porous amp bric.

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Carter j i..89 reports an intra urethral chancre which occupied

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entirely satisfied with the result since flexion could be

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the ascending aorta as well as where the branches are given off

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and the temperature of the atmosphere congenial to the feelings. Th

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initial lesion was seated on the index finger and was accompanied by

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fever and passes on to a rapid and complete convalescence. During its

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similarity in the behavior of these specialized cells while they

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eral such cards should show the name and address of

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throughout. The malleo incudal joint was account of negative pressure is obviated by

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may differ entirely from that met with in rheumatic

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