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Making a free passage into the nose 3 Careful curetting of the
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Pilocarpin produced a sialorrhea and diuresis after each dose on
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times a day in amounts of 2 gt grains. But in this case
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however copious haemoptysis except in connection with extensive
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vate diseases are proclaimed in our daily and weekly journals
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in suspension subcutaneously or intraperitoneally on 6 to 10 successive
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the disease prevails extensively mosquito netting should be used as the
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all events I am not willing to believe that the con
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to the larger peripheral tracheae or to the intestinal w all and thus
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Obstetrical Charts in Colors Ten full pages 12x9 illustrating
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Among the celebrated horses of that time some of which have left
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that it cannot stand the stress of even an easy delivery. Haemorrhage
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for tables dressings stores etc. thus making two convenient administ a
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behind the edge of the muscle. This first suture will
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likely to be expelled or carried off by the stream of urine through
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Annual Address President National Medical Association 299 4
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i ourteen to twenty weeks. An instance has heen reported Jolay in which
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twenty eight fluid drachms of vanadine into the jugular produced rest
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Bernouillius Joann. Meditationes Mathematicse de Motu Musculorum
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methods which permit the finding of serious pliysical disease in
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ence of the transuded liquid hot from the destructive
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powers the additional clauses being however entirely
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not a very agreeable operation etc. Finally we are compelled
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and he died on the evening of tlie third day. The autopsy showed
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affect the courses at any other medical school. If the students who
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and is eagerly sought after by the natives to feast
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blood is drawn preferably from the lobe of the patient s ear.
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to a sudden crisis of coagulation which was confirmed by the jelly
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extends east and west and has a range of low mountains
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this as it may there was not the slightest indication
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fragments removed. Wound cleaned and closed. Patient discharged cured in
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deep destruction. As yet nothing can be said about the
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Perdicas king of Macedonia who was sorely afiflicted with
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Allen s Excelsior Axle Grease. Castor oil and linseed oil each 1
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jections might be removed by giving salaries rather
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in laboratory experimental work in the Massachusetts State hospital
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for the children of employees. Oculists and dentists visit
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to be beneficial wherever the neurotic elements pre
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Juyedp such 4i8 veratrum viride aconite and digitidis.
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ness of purpose but the belief that their proprietors have a personal
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divulsion and performed the operation upon a patient aged 41
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of veterinarians. The germ in question he has found swarming
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tomed to them and 3d. Long confinement in a standing position
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treatment of any one except when that person s ailment
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diplococci arranged in short chains and groups which decolor
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post operative pleurisy 80 cases as post operative pneumonia
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reflexes by cocainization of a nerve trunk I advise that this be
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varicocele most of which reou h operation are those of
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of the spinal arteries which reduces the muscularity and elasticity of their
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as to require instant relief there we may have recourse to the syrinx.
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yard in which the dead have been sent from the hospitals of the
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this infection. When the disease is ccmtracted by insect bite it is

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