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muscular nutrition in conditions of fatigue in atrophy in obesity

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they get well then Not necessarily although this is the

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surgeon though the writer is not aware that they have

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large and small which have obtained the best results in

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chloride but affords with solution of auric chloride

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upon application to the Surgeon General United States

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group is the high hemoglobin index. In many of the cases re

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alence of tuberculosis. The most remarkable passage

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satisfactory way of testing the lacrimal reflex is by irritating

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In Damonia the motor root of nerve IX takes its origin in the

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stance in relapsing fever where the disappearance of

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and courageously followed up by statutory measures and

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taining a good sized branch of the retinal arteries and veins jutted

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The fact is now established that in no other respect does the existing

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and in this way it gets into the blood along with the nourishment

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showed that the kidneys were the seat of interstitial

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and it has not been definitely determined just how acute vision

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stretcher than laid on the floor the patient suffers less from

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mind repeated epileptic fits or indulgence in habits of intemper

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appeared to be strengtliened by the fact that faradic

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given to the Association and for his genial hospitality.

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starting allopurinol during a gout attack

every Candidate for admission to the Eirst or Anatomical and Physiological Exami

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