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probably chiefly in connection with that of taste which sustains this

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for three weeks when there was no suppuration and temperature

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strength of the profession as a whole is so far limited

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and the diagnosis cannot be made until the pneumococcus has obtained

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fresh They taste more like green beans than dried corn does like green.

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due to particular diseases it is impossible to say what

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In general emetine treatment remained problematical whOe improve

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nitr jgen per kg. of body weight. The total amount of nitrogen

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animal tissues into nitrogenous and fatty or carbonaceous

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to stimulate him enough so that he could survive it. But our hopes

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external meatus may in rare instances be secondary to the throat with

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ities it is considered merely a local difficulty which exerts a profound effect

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patient. At the same time seeing that in most fatal cases of haemoptysis

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regem hunc Herodotus Indathjrsum vocat 4 127. Indathyrsam Plu

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Apparenth that relationship presents a dilemma and an effort at

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as income instead of investing them as capital. As it is

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course may be determined simply by accidental ascending infections.

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sated in the neighbourhood of tlie uterus undergoes a metamorphosis

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tion. It is well to float all suspected matters in water when the

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internal interest to its members and a brief bibliography

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dition described more particularly by Mr. Thomas Smith and known

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Yenereal Diseases in the College of Ph3 sicians and Surgeons

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increase in the volume of the muscular sounds of the

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at all correspond to the usual notions. Thus in some instances manifesta

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Dentists Act obtained counsel s opinion that the names of persons so

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At present there was no right of entry into a lead factory

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was usually round the size corresponding to the diameter of

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