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patients the total bed capacity in this institution was

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armature certain worms such as ankylostomes and sclerostomes

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Into the peculiarities of the staining reactions of the

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neighbouring parts in consequence of which the essential

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you will perhaps enjoy reviewing them after the cKnic. Sensory

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and arborizations right tracheobronchial opacity containing

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areas consisting merely of blood. The tissue consisted

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and how the pulse improves when the leak in the circulatory system

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served at the clinic and at the Academy of Medicine Garry T.

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ward and falls behind the normal plane with the thigh.

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of the sesquichloridc of iron with a small addition

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Health Service for the seven days ending October 8 191 3

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a very extensive intervention dangerous Wertheim s hysterectomy remains

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with inefficient material. Trained initiative should be encouraged but

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ovum as a plug to check hemorrhage after bursting of the follicle

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whom the patient comes in contact but also often destroys

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opsonic index but with them all there has been no way in which

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be a circumscribed empyema. Aspiration gave pus and the case was

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hood Zerelda was an omnivorous reader and from reading medical

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not admit of the transition of the former into the latter on the

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which the pathology and bacteriology are totally different.

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a prolapsed uterus. It was removed from an old lady

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another and become separated as far as possible. This

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these devices we have to learn by practice the peculiar brilliant refrac

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I found this ilaky adherent false menihrano in one instance forming patches

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caducu Looss 1901e 603 604 fig. 4 in Gadus minutus Lophius piscatorius

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and Alfred Stengel M.D. Reprinted from the University Medi

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nature of nerve and brain functioning in the simplest pos

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tenderness or pain. She was obstinately constipated

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variations are less important as they are probably integral parts of the

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It is probable that with a more general adoption of ensilage the best

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for guidance in the adoption of operative or other treatment are laid

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merely the result of a sudden cessation of the inhibitory functions

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Preliminary Examination at least four years or during a period extendino

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medical institutions. It is a most useful publication.

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third day after the injury becoming partially comatose

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b Lateral limit of portion of cavum articulare between the meniscus later

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chondria or hysteria but which according to Griesinger are

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aneurysms on the branches of the pulmonary artery in tuberculous

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the spring of 1831 towing a leaded barge. The only other actual steam

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Through extra entrance units summer work and extra courses i

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action of ether vapour on the brain but as in ordinary

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and melancholia a clinical picture so often spoken of as purely functional

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subject. Notwithstanding the extent and accuracy of etiological research

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Salts Silver Nitrate and Tannic Acid in its many forms.

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ond occasion nitrite of amyl proved equally effica

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in view of which the physician hesitates to order drugs whose use

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prevent the toes from catching in the floor. The limbs

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do not close then at each systole of the left ventricle it must

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to all the games and everything else. We miss you very much.

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disease that her life is in imminent peril and can be saved only

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April 5th and July 13th 1916 and received the Military Cross

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mittees have successfully discharged many onerous duties

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local Ratepayers Associations to be present at the next

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be a determining cause in another group. The influence of the infectious

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be removable. To disinfect a house three careful applications of a

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the duties usually falling to a house surgeon to perform. There can be

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Hubbard has collected nine cases which have been operated

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by movement thus walking exercise a harassing cough or

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ques semaines auparavant. M. Philipeaux attribue au froid la mort de

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