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the Kadium Institute allowed lo act 15 minutes taurochoiate

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started in connexion with special schools would enable

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result the appearances are better since 30 of tlte 37 patients could be

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as many milliamperes as feasible in our galvanization of the atro

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the pubic region in India and other warm climates a phenomenon

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maxillary Gland of Mas mtiseulus The Intrinsic Nerves of the Thyroid Gland of

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lesions. The conservative spirit which pervades all

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honest but adverse comments on the sanitary state of the district on

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absent but the animal may pull wool from the afifected areas.

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the lade of olbuiaea in the ecnun of tbe blood which jirodures a

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a culture was made and sent to the State Board of Health. The

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were perfectly healthy but an uncle had suffered from epileptic

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tration of the walls and consequent escape of blood

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the case may be mistaken for one of simple pneumonia the persistence

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malarial insalubrity and have suffered no harmful effects

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It will be noted that the Water Company did not undertake

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care of it. It is more easily absorbed when in solution

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and when the woman bore down to assist in the expulsion of the

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The hypothesis which maintains that the disorder arises autochthonouslv

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Indian Medical Service the West African Medical Service

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of feeling and imitative gestures and sounds and so these came

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the median lobe those arising from the persisting re

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Secretion. The product secreted or separated from the blood.

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view and when we make up our minds to employ with such an

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Fritz Reuter s Durchlauchting and other dialectic distortions

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In the month of December 1841 the subject of inhalation

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rank of lieutenant colonel with organizing ability and trained in epidemiology and practical

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Number i. Ask all the members of the party to stanff erect

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they do not develop these extreme hypertrophic ulcerations. Often a

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external signs. It could rather be felt as lying between the

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upon the inflamed organ. It is accompanied by marked

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less than this since it is only suspicious articles of

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the mixture cook quarter of an hour in a quick oveo.

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sensations ringing in the ears pain in the head neck and back

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are dipped regularly every two weeks in a bath containing 0 9 per

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regular after this drug has been used for several days.

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Kome forms of electricity and other local applications on the

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controversy. Gangosa has been thought by some to be a mani

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contain approximately 0.2 1 grains of moisture per cubic foot. This vapor on

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This is a verv tedious process and it has been lately proposed to

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optic radiations are followed by degeneration of these tracts the external

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This factor is obtained from the ratio li i 5 i 647

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that the rationale of treatment does not lie in harsh

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decomposition of the starch did not progress to the glucose sta e before

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Tinnitus produced by abnormal couti ctions of the tensor tympani

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motor nucleus of the vagus to 284 million in the mesencephalic

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possible and 2 to attend gratis the families of any men

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wherever necessary. It has now been issued regularly for over fifty years during

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of mustard gas in sufficient quantity to cause pulmonary symptoms but of

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Discharged June 10 1915. Febrile disease of about 10 weeks

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action and is contrary to the generosity for which he is renowned

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is also a chapter on the disturbances and motility of the eye

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Society of London called the Westminster Medical Society. It

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former enemies who could do all that and still be able to look

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Lodge Hill on the western side runs The Causeway an old

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the nibculanoous tiaaac mncntciy pcricudhmi tutd clsowhcre. Hie

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where the General and Representative Meetings of the

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service of Dr. Kelly on February 3 1899 seeking treatment

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Ihilncss over one lobe usually the up er eventually cavernous or

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no longer falls to the inner side of the long arch but

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tional activity which increased oxidation produces gives

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Government. That is to be continued for another year using

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the operation of thoracentesis is simple not painful and is free from

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decomposition of the starch did not progress to the glucose sta e before

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line degeneration of capillaries possibly due to the action of

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descending e piercing the gutts glancing on the last vertebra

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or residence. We can also increase the constituents of the

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charge of tlie Marine Hospital at Evansville Ind. and

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brilliant results have already followed the repeated injection subcutane

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permanent ones. Although there is not alwvays a scientific

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amount of compression that is necessary to keep the forceps ap

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My object in speaking of the treatment of aural exostoses

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cases were women generally young women who apparently belonged

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stone etc. without effect until the proper treatment

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tained fluid dries and in a few days a yellowish green or

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than originators of control. The hormones are themselves

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contact with the air are freed from organic matter by oxidation.

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When extensive and flrm adhesions of the pleural surfaces exist prior to the

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pensary 328 VVest Forty second Street New York. The

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