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dent that nature always labors to resist disease. When the vital func

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sion of this patient s condition on the medical service was chronic

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case of yellow fever will eradicate the disease from every civil

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becomes flatter with each inspiration. This is a mistake. It plunges

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Curettage by means of the finger nail the author strongly commends

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auctoritate ducimur quam cujuslibet eloquentiae saecularis. Yerum

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parts is not accompanied by paralysis of associated ocular movements.

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satyriasis. By reason of the facility with which the

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of malarial infection to it was rendered obvious no

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which takes place between the manubrium and gladiolus sterni at the

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tremely fetid mixed with blood and swarming with millions of bacilli.

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not be purchased unless they have had the tuberculin test and passed.

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OMinot be traced bat merge into the neighboring mass of amyloid

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viously discussed. It may be repeated that the distinguishing

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nor alter but remain stationary for life. A cure can only be effected

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scriptive animal psychology concerns the question do animals

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cases clinically indistinguishable from them that yield to

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and methods in the study of the action of poisons as these are

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upper extremity the force is one dragging in a direction corresponding to that

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CheltcnhiOi. Thorp Areb Nevil Holt amp c. Of thoft whicbdo


eliminate disease mentioning good street pavements

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Before discharging a patient it was essential that the wound or

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intra uterine surface. In reply to the objection which might be raised

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Stratford ON Avon. The population of this district has been

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air conluinm pleural cavitv exlremelv translucent the lunL lorms a shrunken

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service and promising to return in increased numbers one year

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evidence warrants a continuance of its trial. It is

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pera mia. Moreover the cause should be more energetically

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College European literature furnished a new and brilliant special

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Brain On the left side in front of and involving the

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were normal. She gradually became so that she could not stand with

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Bucharest July 1831 Bulgaria July 1831 Constantinople July 1831

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the Jains commenced to learn Sanskrit so that by the tenth century

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The Operative Treatment of Cirrhosis of the Liver. Re

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is limited to those exposed to the inhalation of the

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footing as ordinary patients the War Oflice and the

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to other officers of equal relative rank will be extended to surgeons

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be fraught with danger this view is in accordance with

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a slight amount of which was vomited the tlireshold had again

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location of the leakage from the trachea bronchi or lung tissue is

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lactic. The reaction is specific for neither normal rabbit nor normal sheep s

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cerebral in character scattered in islands over it.

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cent of the entire force perished in this engagement.

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the curriculum amplified and brilliant additions made to the

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theria. 3. The pseudo diphtheritic bacillus of HofT

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Service Commission that it request the United States Depart

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demic but in their treatment they generally include

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with the pain in the head felt entirely relieved their subjective condition

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is conceded to old men of whom it is the natural and happy

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line extending not deeply into the vagina but involving the external

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bubbling rales could be heard throughout its chest. These conditions increased during the

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had seen death had resulted in one from opening the dura mater and

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Society by Dr. Fenwick as occurring in young women with a rheum

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prtite a tea cupful of this infufion may be taken twice of

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As patients soil themselves very much with the ichorous dis

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Epitympanic suppuration may be part of a generalised suppurative

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his gratification and delight at the cheering prospect which lay before us and

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anything that would be out of the way and I have known Dr.

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solutely keep every body else away and remove nothing from the build

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Chief En 4ineer Virginia State Department of Health

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Necropsy. The lesions are usually confined to the large

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no lime was there any suppuration or re lt lness about the

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rapidly fatal cases occurred at tlie Philadelphia llosi ital one of which

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Treatment. There is obviously no antidote to this poison.

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following influenza in one. 3 An indefinite history of bronchitis with an

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dence of cardiac valvulur disease aphasia follows the attack and the symp

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that the genital tract is not stretched or injured by its passage

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is undiscoverable the so called idiopathic or primary neuralgias run a

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and spleen and a persistent diarrhoea may aid the observer in recog

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decline of a paroxysm. Though sometimes fatal in the aged the flux

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to the effect produced by the act of Congress stopping the pay of

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asset in his diagnosis and treatment of patients. Now the

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toward reactions or discomfort to the individuals under

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