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may be normal the volume of the arterial stream may be
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each other by means of plexuses and anastomoses that their dila
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dcjjloreg the fact that the modern conditions of climate
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as it exists. Indeed only three personal relics of him
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practically all pleural effusions are culous pleuritis is a chronic process
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erful ventricle into the aorta and coronary system.
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valvular lesion is compensated by a sufficient hype
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been obtained by enemata. When the catarrh is of malarial origin
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synopses were published with the program in the Jour
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patches appeared. Dr. Payne inquired whether the other parts of the
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fermentation but it is often nothin. but air that has been swallowed during
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ous obstructions during pregnancy or during the development
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came continuous. The patient s temperature rose to 107 F. the
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Three weeks after the terrainalion of a ca.se the danger of infecting others
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coagulum. Its specific gravity before coagulation was 10 20 about
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points out that primary union in a corneal flap incision is thus
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two general groups of interpretations obviously overlap.
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of extracts of the sexual glands may be made upon most animals
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neosalvarsan injection should be repeated until the
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do not manifest the endarteritic changes seen in the atrophic
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investigated promising trails and found that they led to nothing finally be
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in this case the decomposition is a continuous one. The
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brief courses of vigorous exercise after meals with periods of rest are
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promulgation of Safeguards to be Observed in Performing Fumigation
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absolute proof has as yet been produced and it does not comport with
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papers a report of the method and spirit in which the
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being sealed off as the removal proceeds the lingual artei y can
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arachnoid was thickened and presented traces of recent inflammatoiy
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He strikes MacMahon a long lanky soph. full in the chest and
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tions of food which had been swallowed or introduced by
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There are certain factors that may be considered to afford a
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innermost vision blank and dead as to its relation to eternity
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is the point of junction of the tendon with the part
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o ie toetl nare in tbe fecono oegree. alltbefe testers molt
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performance of any major operation. As to the efficiency
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tibia with the insertion of the ligamentum patellae in a girl fourteen
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longed. Such adhesions soon disappear spontaneously.
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two essential elements viz ability and opportunity. Let me insist that a third
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the constitution can be amended seems almost impos
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through tine muslin. For the abdominal tenderness frequently
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pause is necessarily decreased hence the nutrition of the
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croup usuaDy vanish ooanpletely after a few hours often much sooner.
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taken to guard the men and the other troops camped at that
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Ablation of the eye motor area of the cerebral cortex also with
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moisture friction and uucleanliness favor their development. Ther
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suspicion ought always to lead to the use of the bullet which is
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be taken after an interval varying according to the patient s condition
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Some of the children in seeming good health have expired
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It is surprising that in nearly every case in from two to
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dicular hne dropped from the outer angle of the orbit.
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gloves. There is no trouble in speaking chewing or swallowing. There is
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more than likely that they would prefer an orderly
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When one bears in mind the morbid anatomy of the disease he will
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patients. Some time ago when I had to examine a patient suffering
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colic from flatulence e has. had a double rupture since her childhood
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drainage sufficient to carry off all surface water as unnecessary and
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of dark greenish fluid. Stomach immediately returned
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The pregnant condition may so disturb the nervous system as to
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disappeared as well as the crusts patient elated. Hard
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on certain occasions during the day the infant may be accustomed to
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sion especially affecting the lung or heart local direct pressure causing
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small intestines whilst others pass through them without affecting
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wounds in the ears and nasal fossas of persons sleeping in the
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ways makes a result in private practice better than
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equal to 95 per 1 000 of the registered births which was
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but be careful that the digestion is not disturbed by medi
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thoroughly applied will soon effect its removal. Lotions as a rule are to
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Etiolog y. The conditimis wlncli produce lesions of the blood vos
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tional disturbance. For this reason I undertook to determine as
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filling these past 4 years with such incredible memories.

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