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A pinch of this to be snuffed up the nostrils Ther. Gaz.

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ing a link in the chain and appearing under the microscope as

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but in the more severe cases especially those in which the arthritis and

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On the 22nd however his condition still being on the gain he was

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an alternate noisy and quiet day. What the precise condition of the

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fly catching paper may be made of Emetrico emetico tartar emetic

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particular evU results save that it is unpleasant slightly painfttl

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like an ordinary abscess resulting from suppuration round

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vibus floribus 5 meris in iml ellulis paucifloris dispositis.

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properties. Linimentum Saponis Soap Liniment is com

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number of strong doses the merest fraction will find its way to

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what he considered the central principle of all medical progress

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isolated emotions and sensorial images and lacks the complexity

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over American veterinary institutions is praiseworthy and will

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stomach bowels and liver flatulence and other digestive

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accounted for us a sign of that decreased resistance to bacterial invasion

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tube and antiseptic dressing were applied. After repeated irrigation with

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convulsions. Owing to the fact that the centers of nervous con

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Specimen V right lateral left lateral dorsal and ventral views respectively.

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rubber had been treated antiseptically and was liberally fenestrated.

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were chronic diffuse parenchymatous nephritis 2 cases were chronic

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shoulder straight out from the body a fairly good pull then

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monthly undated for 120 patients per month perpetual undated for

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mon and are of especial importance as they cause great anxiety to the

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The examinations imposed by the diploma granting bodies

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There were present also many spirilla. The surface in this

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is resorbed as early as during the first half hour.

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practise as part of a routine treatment of an acute

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and his pulie natural. About feven he began to complain of pain

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they lasted only forty eight hours. I was now convinced even more

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still persisted therein and these same insects had passed faeces con

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are considered of which thirteen are found in Luzon nine being endemic

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option law in 1911 was followed by wet victories in cities towns and

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trates the manifest fact. It is a hollow glass globe

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the proportions rejected on account of deficiency in stature and a

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Rice Gruel. Ground rice one heaping table spoonful water

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under the eye of the operating physician. The drugs which may be

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times strychnia as a stimulant. These things may relieve the pain. If

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white powder consisting of minute cubical crystals. Solu

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laid upon more stalwart shoulders the burden of ac

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female and he tries to show that the other characters of

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A standardized classification of dental cases and a uniform method

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in addition to his private practice he had more than 2 000

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The draft new regulations and by laws of the British

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was required for large growths. Atropin internally and

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direction of literature and art. By maintaining literary traditions

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JInallT passed on August 28th and before the adjournment of

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changed without postulating anything that is contrary to

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except to stuff cavities. Where primary union is sought

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Case IV. Fracture of spine in a man injured on a mining

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plished by the colony ought to convince the legisla

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Soldiers and Sailors inaugurated by a contribution of 50 000 from Mr.

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herdsmen and smiths as being natural veterinarians also became renowned

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disease begins to diminish on the mouth being made sore and even may

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therefore will be the same. Thus heating and canning or bottling grape juice

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left side or in the axillae more commonly when there is

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two general groups of interpretations obviously overlap.

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respiration and delirium but the throat symptoms are slight.

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throughout. The malleo incudal joint was account of negative pressure is obviated by

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Panel patients who are on the lists of those doctors who

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brated piqtire diabetiqur by which he showed that by puncture

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from 40 o formalin or paraform undesirable for car dis

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a threefold injury firsts the patient is weakened. Secondly the locd

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Public Health. The annual rate of mortality last week in twenty

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that of respiration as the result of the chloroform

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cumcision which is said to be practised by the Abyssin

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probability that in many of these cases there was a

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There are few simple mechanical procedures in the realm

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inefficient. Certain conditions such as severe vomiting

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political capitis deminutio and is deprived during the same period of

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to unite our forces to work in harmony for united we stand

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from trench fever the louse does not become infective for

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j grain 0.0065 gramme hypodermatically. Illustrative cases

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for tlie growth and development of the child s nerves Andrews is the

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