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of the various fluids from the blood and that the conftant combina
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very satisfactory descriptions. In most of the illustrations how
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effects of bland emboli to these are added the specific effects of the
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abuse of mercury followed by exacerbation of the periostitis and estab
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It is of agreeable flavour and it exerts a marked tonic effect upon
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training and acquirement of the value of any form of
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Dei in ore habent stabilitatem autem radicis suae non infingunt in
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laries are distended and where the blood flows with
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made many examinations for me and I was a good deal surprised
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nineteenth times as often as the left. He also confirmed the
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to take the slightest interest in the matter. It has
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uterus removed and edges sutured also abdomen closed with
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pality. He rose he said with the greatest pleasure
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In each case closure proceeds from all directions cephalic
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strated but it seems i lausible on the ground of va
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anhydrous acetic acid. In the application of this test however
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the death of Mr. Samuel Gregory the leading spirit both of
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acid in reaction and generally of small volume. Hindhede has
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method if properly regulated can be made accurate reliable and im
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Louis Mo. recently and five fatal cases previously mak
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face. So when we desire the active effects oi liquor ammonia we
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then with a high general tension the strain upon these dilated vessels
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abruptness and severity the temperature reaching 103. More commonly
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but not the nails. At two months and a half the skin and
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Steindl in 1915 published a carefully studied case and col
The Secretary.was directed at the same time to press
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wounded by a knife and the patient refused operation
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to deal with a group of tumors that arise from cells differ
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diseases also by pressing over the loins it causes him more pain.
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general character. The dry indurated papule is found
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good. According to Gowers the outlook is bad in the primary atrophic
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Electricity is a climatic factor of unknown significance. It is
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