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Surgeon Kensington General Hospital Senior Orthopaedic

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and free from any diseases that might render the milk dangerous

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past has yielded. Nevertheless there are many points in

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y 2 target skin distance equals 1 4 H with pastile on the

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Resolutions. Whereas In the providence of an AH Wise and Loving

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South America the dead bodies of animals are always available for

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tirely on clinical grounds. Salicylates undoubtedly

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It happens indeed fometimes to one landing on a tower that the

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Braisted United States Navy is president and Colonel

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and Laplace showed that the bodies of organisms were composed of

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cleansed by gentle dry sponging after which a tampon of

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tainly relate two and I think more cases from my record

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of the air unites with the phosphorus and forms phosphorus pen

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should always seek to assure. Not all medical soldiers are fit to become

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cholera the perfect purity of the drinking water should be ascertained and its

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