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parents are myopic is an example of ancestral contribution.

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appetite although never entirely failing her grew poor

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nipple which lends color to this claim. The responsibility for this

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into lethargy causing his death on the twelfth day. 11 Pereira however

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bility. Symptoms with root diet with much or little bile slight cases

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while after it come respectively the chief vestibular nucleus

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by staining 3 Methods of making preparations of the Bacilli

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In a recent clinical lecture at the Female Venereal Hospital at

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considerer seulement la mortality aux hdpitaux on examine la moriaHi g nirde

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Children and young persons to the age of about 35 form

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that the rationale of treatment does not lie in harsh

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A monkey which had recovered from infections with strains B

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free drainage into the bronchus with expectoration of the putrid

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of morphia. Overdoses may occasion serious results. The dose is from

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neck and mediastinum moderately enlarged pulpy and injected. Thyroid of good size

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cerous de posit at the roots of the trifacial norve.

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paper on Blood Examinations in Gynascological Cases.

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through the internal opening into the rectum then keeping the probe point in

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about twenty seven years since reading the unsatisfactory

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only those contributions which on investigation appeared to have

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sident Sir J. Bland Sotton being in the chair a dis

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lower animals against syphilis. Immunity may be acquired from a pre

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following disguises the sharpness of its flavor with fair

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fiullelin Xo. Its. I niled Stales Pefa rlment of Agrieul

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Complications and sequelae of influenzal bronchopneumonia in a series

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Fhagedcena of Mouth. A formidable disease. Occurs in weakly

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