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have been born strong and robust but who under adverse
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fore this factor in Dr. Noble s judgment does not play
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as at first claimed now after several years of patient
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nasomaxillary suture. The tissues are then raised from the
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should be made a little to one or the other side of the
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effects of athletics even the more violent I have never
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areolar tissue. The nerve was dissected from its areolar attach
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started an active disturbance in the mastoid. Several simi
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and which registers from 16 to 40 of the French scale.
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first brought forward by Tamburini and is not in tlie
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sessile growths but Eichler as the result of his studies found them to
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and pass without sharp division into true monstrosities. The study
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Kava Jcava. No active principle has yet been isolated from
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clothes. Children should be stript of flannel petti
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Under ether anesthesia the wound of entrance was en
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equipment to take care of the unusual cases How many giant magnets
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pressure in the distal end is about 40 mm. Hg. produce
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mucous membrane lining them for the sudden almost instantaneous
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wearing the right shoe on the left foot but how about
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temporary as after fevers in debility syphilis and con
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action belongs only to the albuminoid substances and a trans
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medical officers of health fail of giving an adequate representation of
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Midwives Board aud other i egulations governing the
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by great sulkiness which may increase to perfect indifference.
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healing occurring in about fourteen days. Cases which end
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week inunctions are renewed and the treatment is continued for
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ent sinuses the rationale of the treatment being that irri
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I was 58 5. Enteric bulks fairly largely daring the year
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chorea epilepsy amp c. but in any cases in which I have employed
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Hahnemann S. Doctrine et Traitement Homoeopathique des Maladies
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Pneumothorax. A Historical Clinical and Experimental Study. By
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Auditors all the parts that are to be demonstrated and
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silver. The conclusion that he had at last arrived at
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In this period however the prognosis of phthisis is very grave
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patient. Oedema if extreme usually yields within ten days to full doses
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constipation nervous dyspepsia in the earlier stages and catarrh
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did the best work were not necessarily the best orators.
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side of the face was aff ected. He had seen many of
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ing this tendency to night perspirations as well as the other more prominent
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remotiusculis aeutis erecto adpressis niunita. Syncarpium solitarium
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SIALOGOGUES are substances which by local stimulant action aug
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Branch on behalf of Manchester South Division moved
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collapse a fall of temperature a rise of pulse nausea
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material in the softened cavity being liquid and about
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Association to the effect mentioned in the By laws.
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to the larger animals by means of cold wet sheets wrapped round the
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Wilson Chair of Pathology and he acted with high dis
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ture rosemary 10 parts tincture jaborandi 10 parts bay
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Les caracleres difFerents portent cbez mon malade sur Tatropbie du c5te qui est
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carried in a small hand satchel. As regards topical
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with the same trouble. It certainly is not a question of cleanliness with
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for exceptional competence in obstetrics and gynecology
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difference however is much greater in the luminous rays of
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Table No. 59. Admissions to sick report discharges deaths and noneffectiveness wit
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merely cases of cardiac dilatation and perhaps hypertrophy largely
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school. Apart from its individual value it is clear
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ment. We can use the tongue both for eating and speaking
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The John Murray Medal and Scholarship and the Lyon Prize
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adventitious sounds or rdles. The earliest of these audible in the in
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eontrecoup upon the third finger. A small wound which
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sistently for the abolishment of smallpox inocvilation which
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and bronchi though often flattened are rarely seriously compressed. The
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in June 1914 and Lieut now Capt. Frederick H. Foucar was
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of producing impressions on the fcetus in the womb.
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which will yield large and quick returns in the pre
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In considering the pathology of degenerative neuritis
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chiole completely occluded by fibrinopurulent exudate. A few shreds of
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near the attachment of the st lt rno cleido muscle. The most noticeahio
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sion or too lasting a sedative effect stimulants as ammonia or brandy
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widely separated it being about 1 mile from the surgical ward to the
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Three weeks after the terrainalion of a ca.se the danger of infecting others
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The nervous system. 1 The cortex optic tiuUami and corpora striata are
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The past winter has seen considerable activity among the members

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