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practice seldom takes either interest or part in the

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seals and protects the contents indefinitely. Upon administration Pil. Arthrosia

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distinct species of the relapsing fever spirochete if these spiro

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to drop off of its own accord. They are also removed by twisting

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The order of the symptoms in the final attack was charac

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Maiy Ann S aet. 21 single servant admitted November 6th 1 861 into

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The Opaque Meal Versus the Stomach Tube in the Diagnosis of Gastric

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got along very well with simple aspiration and practically never required more

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left forearm there is a small lirm movable tumor measuring 1

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was for them an internal harmony static so to say and immutable

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and with characteristic inconsistency now asserts that it is impossible

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St. Vitus dance etc Ac a nilv tbe mctBllic ncrrincs cnrbonatc of

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endemic and epidemic maladies to the ojieration of morbid poisons these

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infirmity of human nature of whose deceptible condition

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De r Acide Phenique de son action sur les vegetaux les

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Unfortunately one cannot at all times of the year and

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A bulletin furnishing detailed information may be obtained upon application to the

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General Hospitals there were 416 cases of primary operation for

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which with the reply of the Board I shall quote in extenso from

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the career or careers he had followed before entering the army and did

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quinine may have an effect on the growth and development of the

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The waters are tonic and anti rheumatic acting especially on the mu

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When animal or vegetable parasites are introduced to a rural district

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is one of ordinary chronic osteitis and might easily

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of epileptic seizures occurring at varying intervals.

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distressing symptoms adding at once to the comfort of the

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small compact and contains just what and only what a physician

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sent to the laboratory at OtisviUe where the antitoxin is

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limited to any specific period. It is often imperative to spend weeks

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birth life and death. Industrial birth is the engagement

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dents. One hundred and ten presented themselves for the final

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have died and in no case did it do apparent liarin.

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of depression. This will be noticed perhaps an hour after

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En resum6 nous nous trouvioM en prteence d un anevrysme de la premiere

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x ray produce adhesions. Rontgenotherapy is signally suc

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acid no albumen no sugar no casts and no indican. Urea

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In another and quite different direction the straight course of the

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septic and antimalarial. Methylene blue possesses an

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and wheals. The preparation employed was the 1 1000

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six months. I a.sked for the injured animal with the

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cases have been reported by Burkhardt o A6in which excision of

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M. Sig. Use as a spray to check sneezing and arrest pro

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the lowering of the temperature depends more than on

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true melanotic pigment is not present. A priori we should

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of cystic mastitis and the origins of cancer. By his serial

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that exists as to their migrations permits their being assigned to a

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allude namely the spread of the erysipelatous redness in a perfectly symme

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Nine weeks ago she suddenly experienced the same symptoms

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games as bridge chess dancing music concerts and things of that kind.

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this fact will prepare us for understanding the connexion which appears to

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Internally iodoform is occasionally given in tertiary syphilis

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the necessity for the other alternative of chloroform and a pain

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chloride in the plasma below a normal threshold may be reached by

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treatment but if much hypertrophy and spasm excision is the

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E.rtenidl Popliteal Xerve. Paralysis involves the peronan the long ex

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excretory organs. This definitely established fact gives an im

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a short historical survey of the lesions of the various organs con

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tends to aggravate an already existing morbid state and so the

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influence of a temporary affective state. As Sully puts it the past now

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of 46 to take gymnastic dancing if her general health is good

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or more disability who would not ordinarily have been considered as

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which he roused and at the end of ten minutes more was seized

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The animal having been placed on its back one could after reduction

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whether at the expense of the sensory zone or of the motor zone

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sene odor and taste and some samples darkened markedl with sul

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from the wound to the sides of his head. He received morphin

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axillary invasion and Wertheim s panhysterectomy are types of operations

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sufficient linseed meal with a wooden stick or spoon and beat it well

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other forms of sclerosis of the arteries anil for rheu

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erated. The outgrowth and shedding of the su erficial ei i

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