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challenges our attention by its far greater importance. I allude to the

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for the administration of the direct spark. This treatment

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technics and consequently a certain diversity of result is inevitable.

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The o hthalmoscopic apjiearanccs are different in the cases of i riniary

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safety of the patient but often adds to the danger of

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child three years old which came to full term and in

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Complications and sequelae of influenzal bronchopneumonia in a series

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Les Actualitcs mcdicales this is an introduction well

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of disease from person to person the incubation period

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Feeding of Milch Cows. I am induced to refer to this subject

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has been super rotated as described it will usually remain in the

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the human countenance we know he can draw hut the nice shades Of

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trance being free a small number of typhoid bacilli

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afterwards the diseases themselves require dietetic regulatiou so that nothing but

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Smith Edward Archibald 42 Gordan square W.C May 10 1900

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the deeply interesting results communicated in the Lancet of the 8th instant

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it has been observed in a few places within the present century Iloh6.

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bladder and the skin of the digits in array damage.

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ment must be instituted at the earliest manifestation

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needle is generally preferable to a trocar both because of its smaller

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dangerous in the haemoptysis of tuberculosis and has given it up.

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effects of legislation is shown by the marked drop of 78

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tome he solemnly pledges his word to the coirectness of the

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case was recorded in the health department recently the newspapers said it

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incapable of responding in these directions to normal glycaemia. Following

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of two tumours epithelial and connective tissue similar to the combined

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ingestion of hexamethylenamin the drug could be demonstrated

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all events I am not willing to believe that the con

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obvious that the profound general ancemic state was unexplained

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Typhoid and paratyphoid fevers. These entire infections are very

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emotion. Many cases of melancholy hypochondriasis lack of

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all the members of the Faculty and is only accepted

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matter to indicate to the doctor who has accompanied the

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posed to feign insanity that he may escape punishment is he

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sexual gratification is a physiologic necessity. It is

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passive movements were carried out daily commencing

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costs a nd with the greatest regardlessness for personal

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perform the duties of those offices and if not redressed there

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long words prououucing the final syllables hurriedly.

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it is desired to increase vascular activity in low grades of

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Luzon where he was recently investigating the diseases

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ular. Urine for 24 hours preceding operation 200 cc. no s ugar

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A sinusoidal current will induce muscular contraction

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A Method of Measuring the Development of the Intelli

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directly into the Thames as the river passed through the

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this question is concerned the verdict of acquittal pronounced in

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and of urine. Kuelz could not confirm these results and

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bibliographic knowledge and his extensive obstetric ex

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in wall papers has received the attention of chemists

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action that is torpor muft foon follow as in fevers whereas the

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pears but returns on cooling down 1 2000 into which a current of

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immediate cessation of fits. The depressing action of the

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patient died at five o clock the following morning after

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Hrysipelas. This disease has been popularly known as the Rose

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not easy yet the distinctions were all important. What

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see clusters of granules assuming closely the form of an ordinary nerve

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healthy tissues are unyielding and cannot be readily scraped away so

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