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capable of elimination by the bile or other eliminators.

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cially increasing dyspnoea that does not yield to med

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together with the unusual character of the mucus of the peculiar

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assimilation have stopped then the decaying matter is taken

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to grandsons through the daughters only are strongly typical. Such

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lus was found in the uterine cavity. There was undoubtedly

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Having shown the manner in which avian tuberculosis behaves

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eral peritoneum to the tunica vaginalis that after divis

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similarly e. g. Mucor mucedo Penicillium glaucum Aspergillus

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of Roses and Perfumes we have wise matter commingled with rich

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of it a drug must either be in the colloidal state at the

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In another place 9 he repeats that subcortical and cortical tumors of

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logical happenings than hLs power to control them. To this end

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disease by the inoculation of the blood of human cases into monkeys and

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this operation is to afford a like relief in Graves

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pneunmnia of cattle lu sf emu ntl contagious pleuro

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and the puparia can later be removed and placed in tubes not more

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she returned to me I determined at once upon a radical ex

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who aduated from the University of London 1850 53 and

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in marking the scale. The dynamo generates a constant pressure of

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which it comes in contact. Tlie resultant localized dis

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to the nature and consequences of consanguinity can only be

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ence should be so badly indexed. There is no mention

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unbridled imagination or into the visionary fields of unprofitable musings.

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of depression. This will be noticed perhaps an hour after

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feeling of fulness weight and pressure in the region of the heart

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water gas or fumes of burning charcoal and an examina

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velop often enough the symptoms of general paresis delusions of grandeur

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all causes in Glasgow included 28 Iroin infantile dian hoea 11 from

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forced to take the quantity of food placed upon their

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the University and the profession at large. lie has been for the last

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death one died from coma the other from paralj sis of the

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Average cost of living per family per week marks 51. 89

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pares the results from this palliative operation with those of the radical one

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which sets up acute indigestion and often terminates in a case of

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emaciated and feeble kept the recumbent position and only got up

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tice till he has found himself decoyed into an engagement

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mistaken for either rheumatism or gout. Marly cases are dillicull or impos

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ing and pleasant. Pat him often and encourage every sign of attach

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shar ly angulatcd at 1 adhesions at A angula ion r trans

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partis primi libri Fhilonis De vita Mosis. Quinetiam Justinus M. in

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by a history of epilepsy insanity and kindred disorders and that

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in.5 motion was restricted with imperfect dome and signs of adhesion.

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results from those of the French Commission of 1S65 when a certain

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plication to the surface can accomplish a cure unless its

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upon vvhat the paresis depends as upon this treatment must be based

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made up his mind that it would be his method in the

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Diagnosis. The aifectious most liable to be confounded with this are

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diately removed from the healthy to the second group those which had

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pseudo epileptic attack is therefore a substitute or equivalent

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widespread modifications of energy which the organism exhibits

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problem of differentiating the coalescent mass from lobar consolidation was

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his sight could be improved by any plan of treatment he was

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The lire which followed the earthquake of April 18 completely

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gressive. The fields for colors are covery. The diagnosis is most safely

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cal solution of the problem there will be erected in the minds of

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patients drawing public attention to himself by means

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all success he also wished Dr. Stevenson the reward of

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comparatively new. There were only four normal schools in the United

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did the best work were not necessarily the best orators.

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rieties of Datura have been employed as remedial agents especially

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weakness. This was followed by the development of a right sided empyema.

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meetings of medical associations especially meetings

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equal number of local representatives from Glasgow and

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however been given in pill form bting protected from deleterious

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gradually increased in thickness and in intensity of

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interrupted I am in the habit of prescribing for them

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visited California in 1886 and during the trip he became so de

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health legislation of recent years devoted the most impor

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