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The author records a case of perforation of the bowel into the

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do not find symptomatology either eas or satisfactory in a

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scriptions are employed by Baruch Bcissel Beni Barde Boas Dehio

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water supply for assistance. Buffalo water supply is so good that

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We regret to record the death of Dr. William Francis

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Sten6sis and Aortic Insufficiency and one of the questions en

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unsolved and apparently by many as insoluble Lillie 18.

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looked down and was partially covered by the u p M lid when

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move common in women than in men. Of 367 cases of pneumonia

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The base of the left transverse process and the left four fifths

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sudarunt viri docti proferam hie in medium quae Porphyrius ad id

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were limited to a consideration of its pathogenesis and prophylaxis. He

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mild climate Sandown may prove serviceable in the winter. The air is

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minations of the hemolytic and precipitin titer in blood or serum

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tion of knowing that we are working upon sound lines and

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the receptors and the combination is thrown off into the

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system and have provided for thorough systems of inspection to

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The waters are tonic and anti rheumatic acting especially on the mu

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reached that would lie below a line drawn horizontally through

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part applied to the counter or breast. The long pendent ends are

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an hour should render the catgut so soft that it should give way

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Some definite variation occurs as a consequence of a peculiar

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hol is again distilled by the process above described.

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it at all likely that their use will be confined to mustard

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the text books has led to the impression that it is

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following year. He chose for the subject of his Presidential

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one extreme. Professor Blackman said w.is the condition

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The principal relations of the neck of the uterus are with

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air in certain localities as to modify its condition

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been unable to sleep since. She did not present any of the

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transport them before some time elapsed had fewer chances of recovery.

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The coronary arteries may be fibrotic atheromatous calcified obliterated

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treated in a similar manner at St. Mary s Ho.spital

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hypnotic and less of a henrt and respiratory stimulant. It

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system is concerned that there are reputable zoologists who think

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number of expedients. Artificial respiration saline

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There is in use at Wills Hospital a simple method of pre

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glands having the structure of the embryonic thyroid should not

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use peculiar movements in lifting objects or in feeding himself.

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observation of so many experienced clinicians. This

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centre of the patella was 9 4 inches of left knee. 8

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a compress of cotton. With Aletris Farinosa in decoction and taken

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the ureter. I have admitted that urinous panicles combined

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slopes of hills the inhabitants were living undei very

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Marchand s Evo Balsam cun alUn tManv acturesde P.n rance.i

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diced complexion but which I am convinced has nothinfi to do with

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sputum. One of the most distressing sequels of the influenza bronchitis

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from the Simplest to the most Formidable Operations connected with

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than it is among telegraphers. It is said that few operators

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These physicians on this account were all called Apostles as St.

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tion. If taken in continued 10 or 15 drop doses it will regulate

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excessive eating and drinking alcohol etc. sedentary habits.

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this country it would seem that the human heart acts toward

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In Damonia the motor root of nerve IX takes its origin in the

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the cytoplasm of the cell. The fact that the distribution

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little blood three or four times. Always felt relieved

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dant cirrhotic changes in the liver while the association of anemia

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ground. But as figurative language the words may merely

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facts respecting the part played by the Fallopian tubes in the causation

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produced from hrematin that it is quite different from the pig

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small pox lias the fewest victims. On the other hand communities in whicl

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water at 100. There was mixed with the water 6 fluid ounces

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quires no treatment even should it be more considerable it still is

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farther north in the Proclaimed Area. The trypanosome causing

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sent to the pastures woods marshes etc. we must expect the disease

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In general the muscles of the right side not only respond to weaker

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is somnolent and the appetite is lost. The bowels are usually consti

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lates the fremitus will become less and less apparent. If the effusion

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of any camp or tent colony at Denver for tuberculous patients. There

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claims considered in their combined rather than in their individual

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jiotassium d lt M matites indistinguishable as to their gross and

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and arborizations right tracheobronchial opacity containing

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lowing general conclusions. I. The initial syphilitic

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typhoid fever and pneumonia and the production of in

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bell 1 who definitely established the pathology. Their investigations showed

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months. It contains elements of pronunication grammar

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H still more exactly the connection which exists between disturb

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produce more males. I will say that there are some grounds

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pintiaQ Is not injuriously affected by diminution of the contents of the

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The course is generally favorable ending in resolution but

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tents of the trunk and pelvis are thrust down with a force

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sj heric pressure was obtained but this depended almost entirely on


half being open and allowing the mucous secretion to escape. The upper lid

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and Hospital. This was the first demonstration that the

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a medium of contagion. The sputum spat out or coughed

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this method of diagnosis is not to be recommended for use

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much more acute. There Avere thirty skin lesions distributed oA er the

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ing the numerous inquire experiments and theories on the

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necrosis before the Chicago Pathological Society in 1896.

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