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Laver in exposing the misstatements in which these deputations are wont to

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The great object is to improve the general health over a

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Indies is very active the dose of it being fj. 5ij.

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itself by a tense swelling of natural color over the situa

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separately presented. The guest salutes the hostess and

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and it is not improbable that infection of the cervical glands is the

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chronological emphasis if I may so express it. There is no doubt

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reactions are very violent even fatal at times or else

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pathology and hermaphroditism are noteworthy and he also

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face. Added to all of thcs there are various foreign hodics in

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from bacteria are all but convincing in so far as they may be

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off to lower levels by underground channels. The natural

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may recognize two main varieties first those cases which are asso

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The sanitary officer kept up graphic charts showing the number of cases of

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gorgement the valve has so completely returned to its normal action

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Mr. Wright was defeated by a majority of three the successful candidate

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to sign a receipt for money but if she has preserved her normal

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ConstUucTitfi. l a volatile oil having an odor somewhat

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cystoscope and still haxe left the only means by which any

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the newborn infants. The natives are generally treated by the

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its characteristic individual features. Beyond my own personal

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methods commonly employed in England but some surgeons had re

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tremely gratifying not only as to the disappearance of all

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extracted the creature can scarcely breathe because of the tumefied

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lines of the service and to centralize authority and fix responsi

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ment according to the brightnefs or obfcurlty of the objeCt laft beheld

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ordinary improvement which a few daj s in bed in hospital

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founded with the coccygeal aponeurosis. Its internal face is covered

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early operation in advance of abscess formation but

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discover the aptitude of applicants for employment

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which all active functions depend is the levator ani muscle and

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teria out and planted them on a good medium to see if they

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I the diseased animal presents a marked change in appearance. The

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covered such as the artificial hand invented by an untrained peasant

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