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hood of the upper or lower region of the lower uterine

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crushed m salt solution and examined with the dark field showed

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ina the country round about Asheville. and even better the country

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pages of the British Medical Journal that this Section was to be

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illegitimacy Dr. Low urges strongly the need for an extension of the

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trunk muscles are usually relatively more affected and even complete

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alWIomen is to pressure from the eonimcnocmcnl wc shall nvwd error.

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tion. The changes in the mucous membrane consist simply of local

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culate more freely. Fatigue may also be overcome in part by pro

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congratulated on the ability shown in the selection of its

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and about 130 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. The mean yearly

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therapeutists Bruggemann 2 offer any practical guide for judg

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scopic examination. The expert is also sometimes called upon

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no hesitation on your part for by putting the operation

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will take the pains to examine his patient after labor will

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row running from the inguinal fossa fossa subinguinalis

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class. The apprehension of a failure on my part weiglis

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of Rhinoestrus are occasionally found in the nasal fossae of horses

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sense of smell indicating the presence of the partridge. His attitude was one

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scientific researches show it to be inter dependent. Therefore the

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dation induces eye strain all the more for that very reason. A slight

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and escapes through the foramen lacerum to be distributed to the

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First admission was on Dec. 7 1898. The patient was at

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indicated by several facts. It is frequently met with in the

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but involved in all probability the parts adjoining

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ancestors search out those whom they desire to act as

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began to decline and finally were entirely removed. He wrote several letters

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To decrease the proteins Increase the exercise up to the limit of fatigue

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add the following case which occurred in his service at the Phila

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XJsHER Francis M. C First Lieutenant and Assistant Sur

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of his mind for a time. There is such a vast differ

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stead there was one smooth round stone in the gall

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occupies one cornua of the uterus and presents with the head toward

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to anything else. The finances of the State were in bad condition.

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This is known as the artificial method of ventilation.

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upper portion of the tail bone as shown in the figure exhibiting external

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iiich that term is here used. The internal carotid and its branches

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because depression is attended with symptoms far less violent and

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and because of the relative immunity from danger to vessels such as

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by vomiting. Give tepid water and tickle the fauces with a

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Lethargic encephalitis 534 Investigation of sickness

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to attend the meeting of the American Public Health Association held

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Breathing full deep and rapidly as possible and insensibility

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