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and in the second place the minimum amount of hydrochloric

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Showinq a comparison between the results obtained with the Wassermann

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his own. In 1874 he noted that congenital lipomata are finely

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In the other three forms of hernia the part of tlic

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paper is based on a series of erysipelas infections

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the margin there was a slightly depressed but not ulcerated surface.

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the male line or the male issue of the king s daughters.

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be removable. To disinfect a house three careful applications of a

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panacea for all the ills that the British Medical Associa

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when any of Colles vesicles are formed the formation of one around the

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cases unless the cause of the hypertrophy be removed or the patient

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the air shall be kept circulating. Cool air and movement

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for three weeks when there was no suppuration and temperature

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Instructive essay on the subject in 1838. Dr. Detmold who is

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opened in the Reading Boom adjoining the Entrance Hall.

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some extent by a long argument from Robert Dale Owen against co

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ers MacKenzie. Wenckebach. Lewis and others coupled

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BjBtallizable matter which colours the persalts of iron green an

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reaction remains specific. We have only transferred the problem of specificity

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subcutaneous use. Ronjean s ergotin or the oflicial extract

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gentian and solution of potash 148. Sulphate of soda and taraxa

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concentrated form when brought in rather than oligochromemia as the

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translucent and stringy. The eyeball always remains intact

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Professor Liautard. After that for the first few years of his

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disease but in spite of ihis modicum of success it is

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obtained from his fellow soldiers all the information possible reg tfding

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which might not be always noticed by the patient. The white colour

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belong rather to the art of the confcdlioner than that of the

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abscesses or emphysema. The entire of both upper lobes was converted into

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but also causes abnormal proliferation of its own sub

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He served as surgeon in the French and Indian War. In 1760

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nutrition on the nervous system and on reproduction ihe last is

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is clear in the limited number of cases of haemorrhage embolism and

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been finally determined the obligation laid ou the prac

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ing as large as a filbert or even a small walnut. These

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ice accompanied by material economy in personnel. There remains

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the sarcomata the metastases were not so frequent being

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