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said that first wound and later fracture were at one and the same
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cases of these men are appended. Two of these men came from
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Physical constitution effect of of solid penetrated on gun shot wounds 355
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a gradually increasing loss of consciousness taking several hours or a day
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depend upon the site of fracture and the quickness with which infection
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together with the absence of any physical signs such
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erally estimated that from three fourths Boas to five
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ment save at the properly constituted annual meeting in
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cating either difference of opinion or carelessness of
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Suggestion during the waking state was introduced as a thera
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medicine to ease the unfortunate patients by opiates
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len fjatb fa eo ana tbat tbe pouoer of ron mingles toif b
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to cause anxiety or to give occasion for the use of
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solution required to reduce the potassium permanganate solution until water clear.
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Beyond this observation by Gerlach we have the fact which seems
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There is no spontaneous healing and after eight to twelve years of
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cleansed with warm sublimate solution powdered with iodoform and
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the same Act. Should an ordinary servant be rendered
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the body weight are also represented. Inelasticity and insta
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of the aural surgeon. Accumulated exudation is permitted
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to produce the results. 2. A new electrode combining this current
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manent invalidism. Society s only solicitude is that
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can be understood better than any other way by noting how
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tion while in the second method they have an opposite direc
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is averred to be caused by ova of insects introduced beneath the skin
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development and unaccompanied by any grave complication. Even
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as an imperial status in the british liegister. The remedy
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is occasionally much greater Solly. A cottage sanatorium of hmited
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aid Opisthotonos Tumour of Scrotum Meteorological Tables
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have recovered simply with a damaged tube and ovary.
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emphasized by Brown Sequard in connection with work
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intratracheal extension. Obstruction of the oesophagus

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