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that the drug exercises a specific action on the diseased mucous

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destruction of lie lung t gt o also present bcudca the syuptan il

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rupted by the occurrence of relapsing fever. Eeceut investigations how

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Dr. Reagan a junior member made a very strong speech

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In connection with these cutaneous changes the scarlatina i gt oison cansca

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always desirable in such cases to adopt measures to revive restore

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nized. Thus Pierre Marie says that the progressive muscular atrophy of

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for the bill bears proof everywhere of most careful work and

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left forearm there is a small lirm movable tumor measuring 1

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Professor Kraepelin has pointed out that in about one out

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and toward the end of the season there is a much more

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crop so used is too obvious to need comment. Farmer s Magazine.

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perty that succession which can properly be said to be succession to

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otology and congratulated the members on the success which

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mals the premises will be disinfected at the owner s expense in

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patients away from the establishments but until the vintage has com

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stomach 6 thyroid 2 tail of pancreas 2 cancer of an aberrant

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partially successful were described. Hesse s experi

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eyelids. This cachexia is usually most marked in syphilitic subjects.

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seems less than it was eight months ago. He was taken into the

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the circulation or the respiration in quantities sufficiently large to

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specialist directing it. metabolic clinic during dispensary

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unpublished case observed by him. He was called to see a

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expenditure for this purpose would be unduly high. The

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In those cases wherein sutures do not hold the edges can be approximated

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above used. I believe that the adoption of some such name would aid

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morbid anatomy of a definite fatal disease congestion of the brain.

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nel to represent certain selected medical schools and

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Although the eruption of ronflufint variola for the first twenty four

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and still unsolved belongs the one if matter is continuous or if it

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fauces. Then follows swelling of the uvula tonsils and larynx

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reaction 11 12 each bird is used as a control and its blood

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the ratio of deaths per looo of population is next to the

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swollen an.d often covered with tenacious blood stained mucus. The most

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we have not succeeded with the small quantity at our

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follow complete obstruction of a bronchus but there may

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in the existence of vascular excitement of the system generally the internal

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cines or poisons persons practising massage or Swedish

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The same principal underlies the latest and most scientific treatment of

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all of them powerfully saline except the Cambray chalybeate. The waters

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of the beginning of the illness when he was treated for liver

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often suggest a paragraph of important matter. Baldwin gives a

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a second operation. The dose was then further reduced to one eighth

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operation Case IV. in a man seventy two years of age with an

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scandalous revelations of her suspicions or she may

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surface of the hemisphere. A small frontal lacuna receives the

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fluid was usually far lower in cellular content than the ordinary

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bcebettc of completion it oootb beate tbemmojetbents

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tabes acetanilide has been found very when the pain and swelling are

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ested to hear your thoughts as we have proceeded over these last

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As the result of experiments the writer has found that the ordinary

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whethe the period of tour weeks afler a confinement of

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In some maladies duo to animal parasites he can even

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are complementary. The beloved physician of the future as in the past

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of the Department of Health for the week ending De

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for the effusion he states that this method by allowing a slower

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water mucilaginous decoctions and tion through the use of laxatives and

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niorl de Philippe Cliavtier. Un des notres nomine liut fin sc

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large parasites such as distomata by the invasion of tumour masses

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methods and besides they soon become more proficient sur

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from the nostril recorded by Sir James Paget in the

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premises and any violation of the Sanitary Code. They

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we can experiment with improved methods of veterinary practice

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tetanus diphtheria typhoid fever cholera plague dysentery

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a conical cap or tip distinctly set off from the posterior

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Archil far Klinischc Medizin c pp. 214 215. 1910 with a spi

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however was the fact that an attack of one eruptive

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with the current as happens in the blood vessels. Such solid

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and friendless orphan and we do most confidently believe that the time

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occurs every forty eight hours in uncomplicated infections

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Versailles are known to be unique and represent the magnitude

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of health efforts at correction are to be made by giving suitable tonics.

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tion of Koch that the bovine bacillus has slight virulence for man. This

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